MCPets allows users to tame baby animals as their pets, name them, and have them follow the user around.


Drag'n'drop installation, just put the jar in your plugins folder and restart/reload (restart is recommended) your server. Then take a look at the configuration, change some values if you'd like. Don't mess with the Pets.yml as it contains all sorts of crucial information for the pets. If you change it, all your pets could get released D:


Users can select baby animals with a right-click, then use the commands. Baby animals that have been tamed follow the owner around unless in sitting mode.


/pet tame: tames the selected baby animal, making it your pet
/pet setname <name> : Names your selected pet the specified name. (can only be used if it is your pet)
/pet release: Releases the selected baby animal (can only be used if it is your pet)
/pet sit: Toggles "sitting" mode for the selected baby animal. Pets in sitting mode do not move. (can only be used if it is your pet)


I'm planning this project to have very basic configuration, just a few options. I've only thought of one applicable as of now, though, Here it is:

#Set this to false to allow players to kill pets owned by other players. If it is true, they will be impervious to other damage.
#They can still die from their owner killing them, though.
pets-invincible: false
#The max amount of pets for players to have
max-pets: 5


MCPets.tame: Users with that permission can tame animals.
MCPets.setname: Users with that permission can set animals's name.
MCPets.sit: Users with that permission can toggle sit mode for their animals.
MCPets.release: Users with that permission can release their pets into the wild.

Planned Features

Red means not completed.
Green means completed.

  • Vault support for economy features (charging players for taming, releasing, naming animals)
  • Having pet names appear above pets in the same way a player's would?(not sure if this is possible at the moment.)


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