McMusic - Play Music without Client Mod!

===================== NoteBlockAPI REQUIRED! =====================

This is my first plugin and it's very simple! It uses the NoteBlockAPI to play .nbs files over noteblocks without any mods. HINT: .midi files are also possible but must be converted!

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Plugin Review - GERMAN

Small Description:

With this plugin, you can listen to your favorite music without any client mods. It works with the NoteBlock API and has a very simple system.


  1. Place plugin in your plugins folder.
  2. Wait until server started and close again. A message should appear that the tracks folder will be created.
  3. Look in your plugins folder for the McMusic Folder. Navigate to /McMusic/tracks.
  4. Here you can place all the .nbs files you want. NO LIMIT! :)
  5. Start the server again and you're done!

No further configuration needed. It's that simple!


Without Prefix

  • /play list - lists all available tracks
  • /play [NUMBER] - plays the track with the number given in /play
  • /play stop - Stops current track
  • /play [NUMBER] [PLAYER] - Plays the track for a player ADMIN PERMISSIONS
  • /play join list - Lists all available stations started by other players
  • /play join [PLAYER] - Joins an existing station

Config file allows to cap the station limit for lower RAM&CPU Usage

Community Archive:

The Community Archive is back up! You can download the creations from other McMusic users and vote for them. Please note: The submit page is currently disabled due to maintenance!


  • mcmusic - Admin Permission


  • It doesn't work!!!!! - Please check if you have the NoteBlockAPI installed. NoteBlockAPI
  • I found a bug! What should i do? - Please report the bug on our bug formular here : Bug Formular



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