mcMMO Party Admin Commands


Requires permission mcmmopartyadmin.admin. Command alias /pa.

Accesses the Party Admin commands:

  • /partyadmin rp [party] – Delete party [party]
  • /partyadmin apl [player] [party] – Add [player] to [party] - NB: the player must be online
  • /partyadmin rpl [player] – Remove [player] from current party. NB: the player must be online
  • /partyadmin chown [player] [party] – Change owner of [party] to [player]
  • /partyadmin pc [party] [message] – Chat to [party]


Requires permission mcmmopartyadmin.spy.

Toggles Party Spy on or off (Note that PartySpy defaults to OFF, and players MUST have the mcmmopartyadmin.spy permission in order for any setting here to take effect!)

  • /partyspy – Requires mcmmopartyadmin.spy – Toggle party spy on or off.
  • /partyspy save – Requires mcmmopartyadmin.admin – Force save the spyers file.
  • /partyspy reload – Requires mcmmopartyadmin.admin – Reloads the spyers file from disc.


Requires permission mcmmopartyadmin.admin

Removes any duplicate players in the party lists.


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