mcMMO Party Admin

mcMMO Party Admin

Party Admin tool for mcMMO

What is it?

mcMMO Party Admin is a plugin that snaps into mcMMO’s party system. Using this plugin, and thanks to mcMMO’s API, Admins can now spy on party chat, remove parties, and move players between different parties. Admins can also chat to parties they are not part of themselves.

mcMMO has also been known to duplicate player entries in the party table. A /fixparties command has been added to alleviate this (though this should not be an issue in the upcoming mcMMO 1.4.06).

NOTE: This plugin is not developed or supported by the core mcMMO team.

Plugin Information

This plugin is licensed under the GPLv3 license. Basically, you are free to use and modify it, but your source code must be published with any derivative works under the same license.

This license is used as this plugin has used code from the base mcMMO plugin, which is GPLv3 in itself.

To function, this plugin requires:

  • Server that runs the Bukkit API 1.4.7-R1.0 or above
  • mcMMO 1.4.00-1.4.05 (for version 0.5.x)
  • mcMMO 1.4.06 (for version 0.6)

Extra features can be activated when this plugin has the following installed:

  • SuperPerms compatible Permissions System (if one isn't installed, permissions will be given to OPs only).

Installation & Configuration

Installation is as simple as putting the plugin into your plugin folder, and starting your server. There are currently no configuration options.


  • mcmmopartyadmin.admin – Allows player to use server admin functions
  • mcmmopartyadmin.spy – Allows player to spy on party chat

In game Commands & Usage

See Commands

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