Please read the following information before filing any issue or bug report that relates to mcMMO permissions.

A Note on PermissionsEx

While mcMMO will work with PermissionsEx, we would like to note that we do not support its use. More specifically, we do not support the use of any permissions with an asterisk (the * character) in them. This is due to how PermissionsEx treats such permissions. If you use that character, it has the alarming tendency to treat any child permission as automatically inherited by that parent, regardless of whether or not you have subsequently denied that child permission. Note that while we have explicitly defined permissions with * characters in them, these permissions all inherit a related permission that replaces the asterisk with the word all. If you are using PermissionsEx, we highly recommend that if you must use such a permission, you use the ones that end in .all rather than the ones that end with an asterisk. This will not trigger the same effect, and will thus allow you to properly deny any child permissions you do not want players to have access to.

mcMMO Permissions List

The full list of permissions for mcMMO can be found here: