Installation, Configuration, and Permissions

Installation & Configuration


Simply put mcMMO.jar in your plugins folder. When you first run mcMMO a configuration file will be generated and placed in a folder called "mcMMO". Edit this configuration file to adjust excavation loot tables, change what the commands are and much more.

MySQL Instructions (Optional)

Theres 5 settings in the configuration file you will need to change

  • MySQL DB Name - Put your DB name here
  • MySQLServer - Put IP here
  • MySQLdbPass - Password for MySQL here
  • MySQLuserName - User name for MySQL here
  • UseMySQL - Change this to true Then start your server and it should be running in MySQL mode, check the server console for any errors. If you see no errors, its working.

Permission Nodes

Listed below are all the permission nodes you may use. Note that some nodes are assigned as true by default, and should be negated if you do not want your users to have them.

Updated list here: mcMMO Permissions

Grouped Nodes
  • mcmmo.* - Allows use of every single mcMMO feature and command.
  • mcmmo.defaults - mcMMO permisions that default to true
  • mcmmo.defaultsop - mcMMO permisions that default to true for OPs
  •* - Allows the use of All the Tools permissions.
  • mcmmo.ability.*- Allows the use of all the abilities. True by default
  • mcmmo.item.* - Allows the use of the Item permissions.
  •* - Allows all Chat permissions Including Admin chat.
  • mcmmo.skills.* - Allows all the skills permissions.
Single Nodes
  • mcmmo.admin - Allows use of /mmoupdate for FlatFile -> MySQL
  • - Allows use of /mcrefresh
  • - Allows use of /mmoedit
  • - Allows use of /mcgod
  • mcmmo.regeneration - Allows Power Level based Regeneration
  • mcmmo.item.chimaerawing - Allows use of Chimaera Wing
  • mcmmo.skills.taming - Allows Taming Skill
  • mcmmo.skills.mining - Allows Mining Skill
  • mcmmo.skills.woodcutting - Allows Woodcutting Skill
  • - Allows Repair Skill
  • mcmmo.skills.unarmed - Allows Unarmed Skill
  • mcmmo.skills.archery - Allows Archery Skill
  • mcmmo.skills.herbalism - Allows Herbalism Skill
  • mcmmo.skills.excavation - Allows Excavation Skill
  • mcmmo.skills.swords - Allows Swords Skill
  • mcmmo.skills.axes - Allows Axes Skill
  • mcmmo.skills.acrobatics - Allows Acrobatics Skill
  • - Allows Fishing Skill
  • mcmmo.ability.herbalism - Allows Herbalism Skill
  • mcmmo.ability.excavation - Allows Giga Drill Breaker Ability
  • mcmmo.ability.unarmed - Allows Berserk Ability
  • mcmmo.ability.mining - Allows Super Breaker Ability
  • mcmmo.ability.axes - Allows Skull Splitter Ability
  • mcmmo.ability.swords - Allows Serrated Strikes Ability
  • mcmmo.ability.woodcutting - Allows Tree Feller Ability
  • mcmmo.commands.ability - Allows use of /mcability
  • mcmmo.commands.myspawn - Allows use of /myspawn
  • mcmmo.commands.setmyspawn - Allows setting your myspawn via beds
  • mcmmo.commands.ptp - Allows use of /ptp
  • mcmmo.commands.whois - Allows use of /whois
  • - Allows use of /party
  • - Allows use of admin chat and /a
  • - Allows use of party chat and /p

Converting Users from/to Flatfile and MySQL

First, it is recommended that you stop the server and encourage people not to join during the conversion process.

If you want to convert your users from Flatfile storage to MySQL storage, the first thing you need to do is set up the MySQL database connection in config.yml - i.e. mcMMO should print out "The connection to mySQL was a success!" in the server console when it starts up. Once the server starts up, type 'mcconvert database flatfile' in the server console. It will give status reports and tell you when it is done.

If you want to convert your users from MySQL storage to Flatfile, change "MySql: Enabled: true" in config.yml to false - but do not erase the other MySQL configuration data. The MySQL server must still be running when you do the conversion. Once you start up the server, and mcMMO does not connect to MySQL immediately, type 'mcconvert database sql' in the server console. It will give status reports and tell you when it is done.