Changing & adding Localizations

Changing & adding Localizations

Changing Localization

Changing Localizations in mcMMO is very simple, First you will need to navigate to plugins/mcMMO and then open config.yml with your favorite text editor. Once you have it open look for the locale Setting. mcMMO currently supports the following as a setting for it.

  • American English - en_US
  • Finnish - fi
  • German - de
  • Hungarian - hu_HU
  • French - fr
  • Polish - pl
  • Czech - cs_CZ
  • Danish - da
  • Spanish - es
  • Italian - it
  • Korean - ko
  • Latvian - lv
  • Dutch - nl
  • Norwegian - no
  • Portuguese (Brazil) - pt_BR
  • Russin - ru
  • Swedish - sv
  • Turkish - tr_TR
  • Chinese (PRC) - zh_CN
  • Welsh - cy
  • If what you are looking for is not here Please consider making it for us see below.

Making new Localizations

Go to this website to translate mcMMO into your own language!

Here's a few things you should know about the localization files, they use special words to insert color codes, for example [[GREEN]] will insert the green color code. These are based on the ChatColor Bukkit uses found here. So if you want to insert RED used in Bukkit, write [[RED]] in the localization file.