mcMMO 1.4.06


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    Jul 11, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.6.2-R0.1
  • 1.5.2


Version 1.4.06

  • + Added "Ice Fishing" ability to Fishing
  • + Added global scoreboards to track skill rankings (display using /mctop)
  • + Added per-player scoreboard displays for the /inspect, /mcrank, /mcstats, and /<skillname> commands
  • + Added tab-complete support for all commands
  • + Added ability to configure drops from Shake in treasures.yml
  • + Added "Master Angler" ability to Fishing.
  • + Added health display for mobs during combat.
  • + Added new API method to McMMOPlayerLevelUpEvent to set levels gained
  • + Added new permission node for /ptp; mcmmo.commands.ptp.send (enabled by default)
  • + Added configurable cooldown and warmup times when using /ptp
  • + Added a new Party item share category "Misc" which contains a list of configurable items. (By default all tools and armor)
  • + Added fishing exploit prevention
  • + Added permission node to bypass the fishing exploit prevention
  • + Added boosts to Fishing chance depending on conditions
  • + Added McMMOAbilityActivateEvent and McMMOAbilityDeactivateEvent
  • + Added config option to toggle the size of fireworks
  • + Added config option to multiply xp gains from mob spawner mobs
  • + Added multiplier to Archery XP based on bow force
  • + Added information about /party itemshare and /party expshare to the party help page
  • + Added option to use scoreboards for power level display instead of Spout.
  • + Added permission node to prevent inspecting hidden players
  • + Added SQL to Flatfile database conversion
  • + Added ability to use custom database managers and convert to/from them
  • = Fixed bug which could cause the server to hang for a minute when checking for updates. (Thanks to Riking)
  • = Fixed bug where spawned arrows could throw ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
  • = Fixed bug where custom Spout titles were overwritten by mcMMO.
  • = Fixed bug where Nether Quartz wasn't included in Smelting or item sharing
  • = Fixed bug where players were able to join the same party multiple times
  • = Fixed displaying partial names when trying to use /ptp
  • = Fixed wolves from Call of the Wild only having 8 health
  • = Fixed bug where /party chat was not working
  • = Fixed bug where experience commands were adding levels to all skills when they shouldn't
  • = Fixed mcmmo.commands.ptp.send not being set by default
  • = Fixed NPE when trying to tab-complete /mctop
  • = Fixed Fishing treasures always having the same enchants
  • = Fixed Smelting returning ink sacs instead of Lapis when double-dropping
  • = Fixed bug where players could remain in party chat after leaving or being kicked from a party.
  • = Fixed bug where non-player arrows couldn't be deflected.
  • = Fixed experience being applied even when the permission for a skill was denied
  • = Fixed possible item duplication bug with infinity bows
  • = Fixed bug with removing players from mySQL database
  • = Fixed bug with empty metadata lists and Smelting
  • = Fixed bug where Blast Mining would drop wrong items
  • = Fixed bug with Blast Mining where the Ability refreshed message was being send too early
  • = Fixed bug where the chance of a successful Gracefull Roll was twice as high as displayed
  • = Fixed bug where lucky perks where not working
  • = Fixed bug with Ice Fishing on a single block of ice
  • = Fixed bug with Ice Fishing which allowed players to break ice in protected areas
  • = Fixed a small bug with mob healthbars and bosses, such as EnderDragons and Withers
  • ! Changed Spout notification tiers to be stored in SpoutConfig instead of AdvancedConfig
  • ! Changed Berserk to add items to inventory rather than denying pickup
  • ! Changed Call of the Wild, newly summoned pet's will have a custom name. (added permission node to disable this)
  • ! Changed Chimaera Wing's recipe result to use the ingredient Material
  • ! Changed Repair to ask a confirmation of the player when he tries to repair an enchanted item
  • ! Players will no longer pickup items to their hotbar while using Unarmed
  • ! ExperienceAPI methods will now throw InvalidSkillException if the skill name passed in is invalid.
  • ! Changed default value for recently-hurt cooldown between teleports, this is also fully configurable now
  • ! Changed the amount of info messages in the console when enabling/disabling, enable Verbose_Logging to enable them again
  • ! Items dropped by players are now being tracked and are not being shared with party members
  • ! Optimized tracking of tool & ability cooldowns.
  • ! Updated the localization files

This version of mcMMO does NOT work with PEX 1.19.4, due to a PEX bug that breaks broadcast permissions. If you MUST use PEX on your server, download the 1.19.5 development build from their Jenkins. The version of PEX labeled as 1.19.5 on BukkitDev is NOT the same build and will continue breaking mcMMO.

As always, please report any and all bugs at