mcMMO 1.4.04


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    Mar 28, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.1
  • 1.5.0
  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0


Version 1.4.04

  • + Added functions to ExperienceAPI for use with offline players
  • + Added Nether Quartz Ore to Mining
  • + Added Dropper, Hopper, and Trapped Chest to blocks that shouldn't activate abilities
  • + Added partial name matching
  • = Fixed bug where trying to activate a Chimaera Wing would require one item too much
  • = Fixed bug where Treefeller would try to cut too many leaves and reach the threshold when it shouldn't
  • = Fixed bug where Mining wasn't awarding double drops
  • = Fixed bug where Shake wouldn't damage mobs whose max health was less than 4
  • = Fixed bug where the API would fail if the name of a player's current party is requested when the player isn't in one (Thanks @dualspiral!)
  • = Fixed bug with retrieving a player's party members
  • = Fixed bug which caused a NPE when trying to join the party of a non-existing player or when ptp to a non-existing player
  • = Fixed bug which causes a NPE when trying to use /mcrefresh from the console
  • = Fixed bug where Carrots and Potatoes weren't awarding Herbalism XP.
  • = Fixed bug where some herbalism drops weren't properly shared within parties.
  • = Fixed bug where players wouldn't be able to pick up items if they logged our while Berserk was still active.
  • ! Changed config node name for the skill experience modifiers from "Experience.Formula.Multiplier.[Skill]" to "Experience.Formula.Modifier.[Skill]"
  • ! Updated localization files
  • ! mcMMO abilities can no longer be activated while in Creative mode
  • ! Expanded ChatAPI to allow toggling of chat states for users
  • ! Updated to EMetrics 0.0.4-SNAPSHOT
  • - Removed deprecated functions from API classes.
  • - Removed functions for getting the PlayerProfile - using API classes is preferred, but if not the McMMOPlayer should be used instead
  • - Removed Ender Dragon, Wither, and Witch from granting combat experience and related configuration options

This version of mcMMO does NOT work with PEX 1.19.4, due to a PEX bug that breaks broadcast permissions. If you MUST use PEX on your server, download the 1.19.5 development build from their Jenkins. The version of PEX labeled as 1.19.5 on BukkitDev is NOT the same build and will continue breaking mcMMO.

As always, please report any and all bugs at