mcMMO 1.4.03


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    Mar 14, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.5.0
  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0
  • 1.4.7


Version 1.4.03

  • + Added option to advanced.yml to determine the # of enchant levels used when buffing Super Breaker & Giga Drill Breaker
  • + Improved stats display for child skills
  • + Added cooldown between using Chimaera Wings
  • = Fixed bug with '/party chat (on|off)' and '/partychat (on|off)' not working
  • = Fixed bug with Repair not decreasing enchanting levels properly
  • = Fixed bug with Smelting not properly tracking furnaces
  • = Fixed bug with Blast Mining not dropping blocks correctly
  • = Fixed bug with custom blocks not working
  • = Fixed bug with Blast Mining increasing TNT damage.
  • = Fixed bug where Blast Mining was awarding too much XP
  • = Fixed bug where triple drops would award twice the amount of experience in Herbalism and Mining
  • = Fixed bug where Green Thumb would consume wheat instead of seeds
  • = Fixed bug where Green Terra would consume twice the amount of seed when used on crops
  • = Fixed bug where experience would be awarded in Herbalism for some player-placed blocks
  • = Fixed bug where players were unable to salvage leather armor
  • = Fixed bug with repairing using materials with byte metadata
  • = Fixed bug where Fishing was becoming less successful at higher levels
  • = Fixed bug with using Salvage on stacked items.
  • = Fixed bug where the '' was registered twice
  • = Fixed bug where Beast Lore wouldn't work on friendly pets
  • = Fixed bug where Deflect was calculated based on the attacker, not the defender. (We really did this time!)
  • = Fixed bug where Treefeller would not deal durability damage when the axe "splinters into dozens of pieces"
  • ! Moved the Salvage unlock level from config.yml to advanced.yml
  • ! Changed how Chimaera Wings are acquired, you need to craft them now. (By default, use 5 feathers in a shapeless recipe)
  • ! Changed how Chimaera Wings teleport players to the spawnpoint, will now check if the location is safe
  • - Removed option to disable Salvage via the config file. This should be handled via permissions instead.
  • - Removed the option to use Woodcutting without an axe from the config file.

This version of mcMMO does NOT work with PEX 1.19.4, due to a PEX bug that breaks broadcast permissions. If you MUST use PEX on your server, download the 1.19.5 development build from their Jenkins.

As always, please report any and all bugs at