mcMMO 1.4.02


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    Mar 4, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0
  • CB 1.4.7-R0.1
  • 1.4.7


Version 1.4.02

  • + Added API to get the skill and power level caps.
  • = Fixed bug where Deflect was calculated based on the attacker, not the defender
  • = Fixed bug where some skills weren't registering as unlocked until one level later
  • = Fixed bug where the PTP cooldown was being read improperly
  • = Fixed bug where /ptp <accept|toggle|acceptall> where broken
  • = Fixed ClassCastException relating to counter-attack with Swords
  • = Fixed issue with some skill activations not activating enough or activating too much

Version 1.4.01

  • = Fixed bug where trying to use /mctop or /xplock with the Smelting child skill caused NPEs
  • = Fixed bug where /mctop and /mcrank wouldn't show overall power levels for servers using Flatfile
  • = Fixed bug where Smelting would throw consistent errors due to offline players
  • = Fixed bug where repairing an mcMMO ability-buffed item with mcMMO repair could take the enchant but leave the lore tag
  • = Fixed bug where using '/party chat message...' would result in the first word of the message being printed repeatedly
  • = Fixed bug where the wrong flag was being set when taking damage
  • = Fixed bug where the PTP cooldown was set improperly
  • = Fixed bug where ptp permissions weren't being handled properly
  • = Fixed bug where Beast Lore wouldn't work
  • = Fixed bug where Chimaera Wing would always teleport to spawn, even when the player had a valid bed spawn location
  • = Updated locale files

This version of mcMMO does NOT work with PEX 1.9.14, due to a PEX bug that breaks broadcast permissions. If you MUST use PEX on your server, download the 1.9.15 development build from their Jenkins.

As always, please report any and all bugs at