mcMMO 1.4.00-beta2


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    Feb 7, 2013
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.7-R1.0
  • CB 1.4.7-R0.1
  • CB 1.4.6-R0.3


Version 1.4.00

  • + Added new Child Skill - Smelting!
  • + Added new cancellable McMMOPlayerDisarmEvent for Citizens compatibility - fires whenever a player is disarmed.
  • + Added config options for Hylian Luck skill
  • + Added display values to Unarmed command for Iron Grip
  • + Added '/party create <name>' command, use this to create a party
  • + Added '/party disband' command, kicks out all members and deletes the party
  • + Added '/ptp toggle' command, to disable party teleportation.
  • + Added '/ptp accept' and '/ptp acceptall' commands
  • + Added an automatic party kick when a party member has been offline for 7 days (default)
  • + Added a permission to allow friendly fire in parties, both attacker and defender must have it for friendly fire to occur
  • + Added timeout on party teleport requests
  • + Added XP bonus for Archery based on distance from shooter to target
  • + Added ability to config Hylian Luck drops through treasures.yml
  • + Added party XP sharing, when more party members are near the share bonus increases.
  • + Added vanilla XP boost for Fishing - includes permissions, config options, etc
  • + Added particle effect for bleeding
  • + Added methods to check if a player is in party or admin chat to the ChatAPI
  • + Added /mcpurge functionality for Flatfile users
  • + Added basic support for Mo' Creatures (and other entity mods) - specify mob info in entities.yml
  • + Added Shears, Buckets, Fishing Rods, Flint & Steel, Carrot Sticks, and Bows to the list of items that can be Salvaged
  • + Added the "wait" music disc to the default fishing treasures
  • + Added "Chinese (Taiwan)" localization files (zh_TW)
  • = Fixed multiple commands not working properly on offline players
  • = Fixed /mmoedit not giving feedback when modifying another players stats
  • = Fixed the guide usage string showing up every time /skillname was called
  • = Fixed Spout not being able to precache our resources properly, and therefore making our XP bars fail
  • = Fixed Spout config files loading / generating when they shouldn't have
  • = Fixed mod config files loading / generating when they shouldn't have
  • = Fixed bug where Green Terra could activate on crops that weren't fully grown.
  • = Fixed several typos relating to locale string display
  • = Fixed bug where all skill guide headers appeared as "Skillname Guide Guide"
  • = Fixed bug where Impact was applied incorrectly due to an inverted method call
  • = Fixed bug where Impact improperly determined the defender's armor
  • = Fixed a bug which made it impossible to join other players' parties
  • = Fixed ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException resulting from being unranked in a skill when using FlatFile
  • = Fixed Woodcutting accidentally using Mining double drop values.
  • = Fixed Hylian Luck not removing the block-placed flag from flowers.
  • = Fixed Hylian Luck not checking the block-placed flag on flowers.
  • = Fixed Leaf Blower not respecting the unlock level set in advanced.yml
  • = Fixed abilities activating with the wrong tool in hand
  • = Fixed Experience.Gains.Mobspawners.Enabled not being used correctly (the check was inverted)
  • = Fixed bug where Iron Grip was using the attacker's skill values rather than the defender's.
  • = Fixed a bug where /party kick would trigger the PartyChangeEvent for the wrong player
  • = Fixed a bug where party join messages weren't displayed
  • = Fixed a bug where Disarm and Deflect had wrong values
  • = Fixed Magic Hunter (Fishing ability) favoring certain enchants
  • ! Changed /p and /a to use /partychat and /adminchat as the default command name. The use of /p, /pc, /a, and /ac is still supported.
  • ! We're now using Bukkit sounds instead of Spout sounds.
  • ! It is now possible to use a negative number for Max_Level in treasures.yml to not use a maximum level, changed default file accordingly
  • ! A Fishing catch will now always contains a fish even if a treasure is found
  • ! Changed how Berserk handles not picking up items to avoid listening to PlayerPickupItemEvent
  • ! Moved Hylian Luck into a separate listener since it actually cancels the event and shouldn't just be on MONITOR.
  • ! Changed how Tree Feller is handled, it should now put less stress on the CPU
  • ! Changed Fisherman's Diet and Farmer's Diet to use two seperate config values
  • ! Major refactoring - please take note, this WILL break any mcMMO-related plugin not properly hooking into the API.
  • ! Changed the way party commands work, use /party ? to check how to use the new commands
  • ! Changed McMMOChatEvent to contain the plugin that the event originated from.
  • ! Changed Excavation to have individual XP values for each block type, rather than a base XP value.
  • ! Changed the way party teleportation works. When using /ptp, the target player needs to confirm the teleport before it takes place. (Configurable)
  • ! Changed BeastLore: Now also displays offline player names
  • ! Changed backup task to include ALL config files
  • ! Deprecated most functions in ExperienceAPI, replaced them with identical versions that use a String for the SkillName rather than the SkillType enum values
  • - Removed Party "master/apprentice" system. Replaced with the new party XP share feature.
  • - Removed unused "healthbar" files from the resources
  • - Removed config options for disabling commands from the config.yml. This should instead be done through permissions.
  • - Removed Chimaera Wing

Old config files are currently not updating with any newly added values. It is recommended that you check the config on Github and make sure that yours contains all the new values - if not, delete your old config and regenerate it. Make sure to save a copy of your old files so that you can transfer over the values.