mcMMO 1.3.08


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    May 22, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R2.0


Side Note: We've opened up a brand new website at for mcMMO

Tested against CB 1.2.5-R2.0

Version 1.3.08

  • + Added more notifications about Vampirism and Hardcore mode on player death
  • + Added information about Hardcore mode when joining a server running Hardcore mode
  • + Added new hidden.yml inside the jar for very sensitive config options for advanced users
  • + Added option to disable Chunklets for servers which do not have doubledrops and do not care about xp farming
  • + Added new "Max_Seconds" setting in config.yml to limit the max time of abilities
  • + Added new repair configs to allow customization of the repair skill
  • + Added message to inform users about hardcore mode on login
  • = Fixed exploit where you could gain tons of Acrobatics XP from spamming Ender Pearls
  • = Fixed normal pistons marking a block as user-placed on retract if it wasn't a sticky piston (thanks turt2live!)
  • = Fixed handling of the Unbreaking enchantment so that tools are actually damaged as they should now
  • = Fixed hurting pet cats with serrated strikes
  • ! Changed Hardcore Vampirism to require the victim to have at least half the skill level of the killer in order for vampirism to proc (this is to avoid exploitation)
  • ! Changed Hardcore Vampirism to steal a minimum of 1 skill level from a player no matter the percentage
  • ! Changed Hardcore & Vampirism to not be executed if percentages were set to zero or below
  • ! Changed Vampirism to actually remove stats from the victim
  • ! Changed Vampirism to inform the victim of their stat loss
  • ! Changed Mining to allow Silk Touch to work again since the dupe exploit has been fixed.
  • ! Changed Metrics to also report if the server uses plugin profiling
  • - Removed level and item settings from Repair skill in config.yml