mcMMO 1.3.07


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    May 17, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R1.2


Side Note: We've opened up a brand new website at for mcMMO

Tested against CB 1.2.5-R1.4

Version 1.3.07

  • + Added ability to gain XP from custom blocks. Enable custom blocks in the config file, then enter the data in the blocks.yml file.
  • + Added ability to gain XP with custom tools. Enable custom tools in the config file, then enter the data in the tools.yml file.
  • + Added ability to repair custom tools. Enable custom tools in the config file, then enter the data in the tools.yml file.
  • + Added ability to repair custom armor. Enable custom armor in the config file, then enter the data in the armor.yml file.
  • + Added functionality which makes a new folder in all world files "mcmmo_data" to store player placed block information in
  • + Added new configurable Hardcore mode functionality to mcMMO
  • + Added new configurable Vampirism PVP stat leech for Hardcore mode
  • + Added new bypass permission node for the negative penalties of Hardcore mode 'mcmmo.bypass.hardcoremode'
  • + Added configurable level curve multiplier which allows for tweaking the steepness of the XP needed to level formula
  • + Added a permission node for Archery bonus damage
  • + Added a permission node for Greater Impact ability
  • + Added permission nodes for Treasure & Magic Hunter for Fishing
  • + Added a permission node for Farmer's Diet
  • + Added config options for enabling/disabling specific double drops
  • + Added automatic zip backup of flatfile database & config files
  • + Added config options to enable/disable specific skills for PVP & PVE
  • = Fixed bug where Tree Feller was looking at the wrong blocks for determining how much to take down.
  • = Fixed bug where Green Terra consumed seeds even on Mossy Stone Brick
  • = Fixed bug where the client didn't reflect the Stone Brick to Mossy Stone Brick change
  • = Fixed bug where an arrow could bounce off entities on daze proc
  • = Fixed bug where a player could gain Acrobatics experience while riding a cart
  • = Fixed /party not working properly with 2 arguments
  • = Fixed /party not showing properly the member list
  • = Fixed /ability not checking the right permission
  • = Fixed rare NPE on /party command
  • = Fixed Arrow Retrieval dropping only one arrow
  • = Fixed /p and /a incompatibilities with bChatManager
  • = Fixed Iron Grip working reversely
  • = Fixed NPE when user clicked the HUD button with Spout
  • = Fixed bug where the permission node for Impact didn't work
  • = Fixed some bypass nodes defaulting true for Ops
  • = Fixed bug with trying to use Chimera Wing while standing on a half-block
  • = Fixed duplication bug when a placed block was mined after a server restart
  • = Fixed exploit where shooting yourself with an arrow gave Archery XP
  • ! Changed the mcMMO motd to link to the new website rather than the wiki
  • ! Changed bleeding ticks damage to 1 from 2
  • ! Changed Mining to ignore blocks when the pick is enchanted with Silk Touch
  • ! Changed Super Breaker to be non-functional when used with a Silk Touch enchanted pick
  • ! Changed MySQL to save player information 50ms apart from each other to reduce the load on the MySQL server
  • ! Changed the permission node for Blast Mining detonation to mcmmo.ability.blastmining.detonate (was mcmmo.skills.blastmining) for the sake of consistency
  • ! Changed skill commands to only display what you have permissions for
  • ! Changed mcMMO to use a new storage system for player placed blocks
  • - Removed some unused permission nodes
  • - Removed a few config options in favor of permissions nodes (Hunger Bonus, Armor/Tool Repair, Instant Wheat Regrowth)
  • - Removed level requirement for repairing string tools from the config file