mcMMO 1.3.06


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    Apr 28, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R1.2


Tested against CB 1.2.5-R1.2

Version 1.3.06

  • + Added Iron Golem XP for aggressive golems
  • + Added permissions check to skill functions
  • + Added API functions for obtaining offline profiles & profiles via player names
  • + Added API functions for admin & party chat
  • + Added Iron Grip skill to Unarmed which gives players an chance to keep from being disarmed.
  • + Added some new languages to the locale files.
  • = Fixed Green Thumb consuming 2 seeds instead of 1
  • = Fixed exploit where you could teleport to yourself with PTP to prevent things like fall damage
  • = Fixed NPE error with Metrics on startup
  • = Fixed bug where Herbalism required double drops permission to give XP
  • = Fixed bug where {0} would be displayed in front of your power level in mcstats
  • = Fixed mmoupdate not being useable from console
  • = Fixed bug with repairing wooden tools
  • = Fixed bug with Nether Wart not awarding XP
  • = Fixed bug with fishing treasures when treasures list is empty
  • = Fixed bug with only getting one level when there was enough XP for multiple levels.
  • = Fixed bugs with the way /mctop displayed
  • = Fixed issues with custom characters & locale files.
  • = Fixed double explosion for Blast Mining
  • = Fixed Blast Mining not giving triple drops when it should
  • ! Changed Bleeding to now stack to a finite number on Monsters and will wear off eventually
  • ! Changed how we handled the config file to prevent any bugs when returning values
  • ! Changed locale files to use a new naming scheme. This breaks ALL old locale files. If you want to assist with re-translating anything, go to
  • ! Changed mcremove to check for users in the MySQL DB before sending queries to remove them
  • ! Changed how the tree feller threshold worked for the better
  • ! Changed /mcremove to no longer kick players when they are removed from database
  • ! Changed /mcremove to work on offline users for FlatFile
  • ! Changed PlayerProfile constructor to always take a boolean
  • ! Changed getPlayerProfile function to work for online & offline users
  • ! Changed Archery's Daze to deal 4 DMG on proc (2 Hearts)
  • ! Changed /addlevel command to work for offline users
  • ! Changed party & admin chat handling to be nicer to developers
  • ! Changed /mcrefresh to work from console
  • ! Changed /mcrefresh to work for offline players
  • ! Changed UpdateXPBar function to hopefully avoid errors
  • ! Changed /party to show offline party members
  • ! Changed Blast Mining requirements, now asks for the player to be crouching