mcMMO 1.2.01


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    Dec 2, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.0.0


Tested against CB#1549

Version 1.2.01

  • Added a setting to turn off abilities completely from config
  • Added a setting to just turn off ability messages from config
  • Fixed the bug with sword repair
  • Fixed mcMMO not working properly with Spout
  • Added Fishing XP icon to Normal/Retro HUDs for Spout
  • Added icons to Spout notifications for leveling Fishing
  • Added Fishing Retro XP bar color customization to config file
  • The number of bones required to use Call of The Wild is now configurable
  • Reduced the XP animals would give from 1.5x to 1x
  • Removed current durability value message from Repairing
  • Fixed bug where Arcane Forging failed to display messages
  • Fixed bug where Arcane Forging tries to downgrade level 1 enchants
  • Fixed bug where Arcane Forging always kept enchantments if you had under 100 Repair skill