mcMMO 1.1.17


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    Nov 4, 2011
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1337


Version 1.1.17

  • XP gained in combat is now softcapped by the remaining health of the entity you are damaging, preventing many exploits.
  • Players in Creative mode no longer gain XP
  • Compiled against latest Spout & CraftBukkit (1337)
  • Added World PVP check to Ignition, should no longer ignore PVP settings
  • Enemies should no longer grant XP when hit during their death
  • Fixed an exploit that led to unlimited ability use
  • Possibly fixed a bug where the same player would be listed multiple times in mctop
  • Added author and description to plugin.yml
  • /mmoedit and /addxp are useable from the console now
  • Swearword's statistics tracking removed (He stopped the service, so its gone now.. On a positive note, I did find out 1000-1500 servers installed mcMMO a day)