This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

General information


MClans is a plugin that allow player to create Team and manage them (create rank, add member, ..)

It also allow Team to acquire an Area.
This Area can be attacked by the other team and can be defended with some buyable upgrade by the AreaOwner.


It is a old plugin that I brought back to life after 5years. (formerly
It work on Minecraft 1.12.1


Plugin Information

Version 1.0 Supported 1.12.1



/team create <Team Name> //Creates a team
/t <Message> //Sends a message to the entire team
/team invite <PlayerName> //Invites a player to the team
/team accept //Accepts an invite
/team reject //Rejects an invite
/team list //Lists all teams
/team info |<Team Name> //Prints info about a team
/team online //Prints players in team that are online
/team leave //Leave a team
/team tk <on|off> //Toggles friendly fire

/team score <_|TeamName> //Prints the score of the team

/team kick <PlayerName> //Kicks a player from a team
/team rcreate <RankName> //Creates a new rank at the bottom of the team structure
/team rset <PlayerName> <RankNumber> //Sets a player's rank
/team rrename <RankNumber> <RankName> //Sets a rank's name
/team rmassmove <OldRankNumber> <NewRankNumber> //Moves all players of a rank to another
/team rinfo <RankNumber> //Prints permissions of a rank
/team rpermission <RankNumber> <Permission> <True|False> //Sets a permission of a rank, available permissions: Kick, TeamChat, RankEdit, Invite, AreaInfo
/team rdelete <RankNunber> //Removes a rank, all players inside wil lbe moved to the bottom rank

/team area info //Prints a team's area info
/team area claim <AreaName> //Purchases a team area
/team area upgrade <Size|Alerter|Damager|Resistance|Cleanser> //Purchases an area upgrade
/capture | /cap //Places an area under seige
/team arealist //Prints all captured areas by a team

/team disband //Disbands the entire team
/team tag <Tag> //Sets a team's tag
/team color <Color> //Sets a team's color
/team motd <_|Message> //Sets a team's Message of the Day, prints if no argument.

/team help <1|2|3|4|5> //Prints commands and how to use them


Other mechanics:

Area Capturing:
-When /capture or /cap is used within a team area, a timer is set for every 10-20 seconds, for each player in the inner area, 1pt will be awared to the team of the player, the difference of the pts is then taken and added to the capture progress. The capture hitpoints will be 100, if the defending team has more players area, hitpoints will be awareded to the area, if the attacking team has more players in the area hitpoints will be subtracted from the area. If hitpoints reach 0 then the attacking team will have captured the area, if the defending team restores hitpoints to 100, then the area is sucessfully defended and ownership remains with defenders. If the players for both team reaches 0 in an area 40 seconds in a row, then the capture fails and the defenders keep ownership. Every 30 seconds or a mintue the current capture progress will be printed like so in team chat, depending on which team it is attackers/defenders:
[2v1 | +1pt] Capture Progress: [|||||||||||||||| ] 80%
[1v2 | -1pt] Defend Progress: [|||| ] 20%



-If a player is killed inside a team area by another player not of the same team, the player is sent back to spawn.


Area Rewards:
-Teams receive score points every 30 minutes for each area they capture, team areas cannot be captured if a team is offline, nor can an offline team receive points. If a team's area is captured that team will lose points every 30 minutes, regardless of whether they are offline or not.
-Players receive 1 diamond per captured area every 30 mintues if they are online.





This project was firstly created by Satrosity.
For now, I only put it back working with 1.12.1




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