With McDesktopInfo you can show information about your server live on your desktop. This package includes a bukkit server plugin and a Windows Sidebar gadget (The sidebar is only available in Windows Vista and 7). The plugin, once started, opens up a socket on a configurable port, that is used to exchange data with the gadget. When the socket gets a query to do something from the gadget it automatically processes this query by getting the queried data from the server and sending it back to the gadget.


  • Leightweight plugin that uses a socket to exchange data with the gadget
  • Configurable Windows Sidebar gadget with multiple backgrounds
  • Secure: No HTTP requests to the socket are able to get behind the plugin
  • Use special admin functions directly from your desktop using a password system
  • Kick players via the gadget


  • Servername
  • Current / Max players
  • Plugin version
  • Craftbukkit version
  • Playerlist
  • Kicking players
  • Used / total RAM
  • Tickrate
  • Chat history

I will NOT implement any queries that would harm the server in any way.



  • Gadget design overhaul
  • Send chat messages from gadget
  • Planned queries: CPU load, uptime (Feel free to suggest even more via Forum/Comments/PM)


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