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Welcome to the official Minecraft Brawl BukkitDev page!

We present a plugin that adds the ability to brawl on a stage, where you attempt to knock other players off. You can play as characters from your favorite games, players & mobs from minecraft, and anything you can type in a file!

The goal of MC Brawl is to either knock another player off the stage, making that player lose a life. Another way to make a player lose a life is just to kill him. In the arena, lives are customizable. Not to mention many other parts of the game. You can either use default classes, or customize your own. By default all players start with a speed and jump boost, not to mention double jumping. But if players only had different items, then this would get boring fast. So! You can add things called Abilities to each class. Abilities have to be coded (developers can easily add more), but there will be plenty to choose from. When a player wins, he will get a reward (either money through Vault, a command, or items). We feature a range of default classes to play with. Some of them from your favorite games (Nintendo Games, Minecraft, etc)!


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