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Ever felt like playing Minecraft losses it's point after a while? Want a harder enemy? McBob let's you challenge you friends/enemy in a battle Minecraft style.

You start of with a small base and some starting material; now it's a race against time! After a while the war will break-out, during which you will not be allowed to build any more, at all. But you will be able to enter your enemy's territory and kill them and snatch there flag (yes, currently only CTF is supported) and bringing it home to score.

After a while the war will end and it will be time to build better defenses or mazes on your base, mine for material, craft better weapons, farm and "gather" pork.


The current implementation is in a kind of alpha-stage still. It is not recommended to run this on an already existing server/world, it's better to setup a new server for this (since you will probably want to wipe the world from time to time).


McBob is opensource and can be found at:


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