Minecraft BlackList

Minecraft Blacklist is a system that uses a variety of DNSBLs to quickly check the IP of a connecting player for known spammers, Tor exit nodes, open proxies/relays etc. and allow you to either send an alert to your online staff or deny the user connecting with a reference on how to review, fix and clear their IP from the multiple blacklists.

  • NO sign-up is required to use this plugin
  • You DO NOT need MCBans in order to use this plugin

How it works

Minecraft Blacklist monitors the server for connections and then checks the user's IP with the master server in order to gather the DNSBL listing data. Once this data is received, the server will either allow the user to connect and warn the online staff (with the permission node: mcbl.alert) along with the user, or deny the user connection completely and redirect them to the page on MCBans to explain how they can go about appealing the listings on the respective blacklists

How do you gather the data?

That's a question for the respective DNSBLs that we use, each gathers the information in a different way but lists it all the same, we simply request the information from them and relay it in a condensed format to the server for it to be handled as required. To put it simply, we just relay the information from a number of sources, saving you time and resources!

How do I set it up?

It's really simple! All you have to do it put the MCBL.jar into your plugins folder and you're ready to go! Just make sure you give the mcbl.alert permission to the respective groups/individuals you want to see the notices if a user is allowed to join. By default the config.yml will contain one variable, deny-connection which will be set to false, you can change this to true if you want to refuse users that are open proxies, tor exit nodes or known spammers, otherwise it will just alert the staff members with the respective permission.

Can I find out more?

Of course you can, if you head over to http://mcbans.com/dnsbl we provide a list of further FAQs that will surely answer your questions.

There's something you missed!

Gah! Please do tell me what it is, you can either submit a ticket here by clicking the Tickets tab at the top (Yes! Right up there!), or by logging onto irc.freenode.net and going to #mcbans, any of the staff members will be willing to help you!

Anything else?

Yes! Currently I'm running the service sponsored by MCBans and I am currently working on moving to my own server on the domain mcblacklist.com and bringing up a website! Don't worry about the sponsorship, none of the data is modified or stored when it is sent to the server for checking all of the DNSBLs, your server is completely anonymous! I'm currently implimenting a DNSBL on the MCBL website (mcblacklist.com) managed by community consensus for listing IPs and users that have otherwise seeked to destroy the community as we know it!... But that would be in an extreme case, so if you have an opinion leave a message with your view!


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