This plugin is a continuation of Streammy's Tetris plugin. Streammy has moved on to bigger and better things, so, with his permission, I've decided to take over development for now so that we can all continue to enjoy Streammy's plugin on our servers.


  • Load up tetris at any location (or change settings to limit it to locations)
  • Original tetris, blocks are the same.
  • Highscores + server-wide anouncements (if configured)
  • Various graphical effects (Red-screen of death, startup counter, more are planned)
  • Restore support after game-over that supports all blocks
  • Permission support
  • Plays the original Tetris theme (TM)
  • Spectating
  • Admin-only areas


When a player enters the Tetris field, the following blocks appear before him or her:

  • Iron, which is used for rotating
  • Gold, which is used for horizontal movement
  • Diamond, which is used for instant drop Left clicking each of the blocks gives the listed effect.

If you'd like to change these controls, you can do so in the config.


  • /tetris
    • Creates a Tetris field the player that use it, or ends the current game immediately if the player is currently in one. Note that the player must be standing on the block MustStandOnBlockType from the config (default: gold block). If CanUseTetrisEverywhere (default: false) is enabled, this requirement is lifted, allowing a user to create a field anywhere. If UseAdminLocation (default: false) is enabled, then the user must be in an admin location created using /tbuild. The user must have the permission tetris.use (which defaults to true for OPs, false for everyone else) in order to use this command, unless the NoPermissions (default: false) configuration option is enabled.
  • /highscore
    • Lists the current top 5 highscores.
  • /tspec
    • If Spectate is enabled in the config (default: true), then users will be able to teleport to the lower part of the field in order to spectate a Tetris game in progress by using the command "/tspec PLAYER", where PLAYER is the username of any player who is playing Tetris.
  • /tbuild
    • If UseAdminLocation (default: false) is enabled, this is the command to be used to define admin locations in which Tetris is allowed to be played.


If you would like to support the future development of this plugin, a donation would be very much appreciated. If you can also specify a requested feature along with your donation, in which case I'll prioritize adding that feature for the next version.


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