Beta Release!

Please report any usage errors or bugs you find. It is a robust system and I'll need your help to find anything that is not working as it seems like it should. Any questions, simply ask and I'll do my best to help!

What version Minecraft?

  • 1.8.x Bukkit or Spigot based (Tested and Working)
  • pre-1.8 (Tested and working on 1.7.9)

Current version - Beta 0.5

Required all versions

Required v1.8

Required PRE-v1.8

Optional (but useful) any version

  • TitleMaster (personally maintained) | - OPTIONAL FOR TITLE SUPPORT
  • Some Economy plugin (OPTIONAL - required if you want integration)
  • Some permissions plugin (OPTIONAL - required if you want integration)

What is it?

Skills is a simple, but advanced, skill system for Minecraft. An easy-to-use GUI drives the entire system and seamlessly integrates with Minecraft to create a unique game play element for your players. It is fully configurable for the server owner to ensure balanced play on their servers. Five skill groupings each enhance a player in increasing ways.

Basic commands

Drop the JAR and go! It is ready to go out of the box, simply use command /skill to open the GUI. I'll detail other commands and go over the Config.yml soon but the Config is fairly well documented and will be created on first run.

The important items to configure are:

melee: (each skill tree has its own section)

  • permission: group.melee <- if you want to enable permission based access
  • enable: true <- disable the entire skill tree
  • locked: true <- lock the skill to be unlocked by player purchasing it
  • unlockCost: <- if locked, the below are requirements to unlock
  • econ: 10000 <- currency cost
  • level: 20 <- cost in XP levels
  • econSkillPointCost: 100 <- not fully implemented

More plugins!

Check out my other plugins which make up a suite of compatible plugins.

  • ItemAPI - easy item modification and custom enchantment system
  • Upgradable - Add upgradable weapon, armor and tools.
  • Special Arrows (unreleased) - Players unlock special arrows through a simple GUI system.
  • Stunned - Increased difficulty by allowing players to be stunned by mobs.


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