MaxHealth is a plugin that allows you to change the maximum health of players on your server! You can not only raise and lower the global health, but also set the base health for specific players! This plugin is very useful for RPG type servers where you need to have high health for players so that you can have a wide range of abilities or just want battles to take longer.


  • /health (player) or /vh (player) - Views health (in hearts)
  • /sethealth [player] or /sh [player] [value] - Sets the health of a player (in hearts)
  • /setmax [player] or /sm [player] [value] - Sets the maximum health of a player (in hearts)
  • /mend [player] - Integrated command that will fully heal a player or yourself (added because using another plugin's /heal command will NOT work!)


MaxHealth has a permission for each command except for /health, which defaults to all players

  • MaxHealth.mend - Permission to use /mend
  • MaxHealth.setmax - Permission to use /setmax
  • MaxHealth.set - Permission to use /sethealth


Just drag the MaxHealth.jar file into your plugins folder and restart your server (reloading not recommended as changes are applied as a player joins). An editable config.yml (for settings) file and database.yml (for storage) file should automatically generate for you.

NOTE: You must be using Java JRE7 on your server to use this plugin! If you are getting an "UnsupportedClassVersionError", then you are using JRE6 and that is the reason why the plugin isn't working!


As of now, there is only 1 configurable options in MaxHealth config file:

  • Default Health: This is the health (in hearts) that all players will start off with AND the maximum health that each player has (can be changed with commands).


Default Health: 100

Features and Stuff

I hope to keep this plugin up to date and bug free. Any error or bug report is helpful! :)

New Features

  • Compatible with /god
  • Lava damage now affected by the plugin
  • Added more commands and /mend in place of any /heal command
  • Complete restructure! Now more efficient, reliable, and expandable!
  • Simple armor support!

Known Bugs

  • No /heal command from any other plugin will actually heal a player! Use /mend instead!
  • Armor enchantments are not effective as far as I know


  • Re-add level multiplier
  • Add optional economy support to allow health to be purchased
  • Chat based health bar or Spout support
  • Make health of mobs changeable
  • Permissions based health

Credits and Source

  • Plugin idea: polkunus
  • Idea and testing: gabizou
  • Restructuring concept: bm01

Source on GitHub: Source


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