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MaxBans is a project I've been writing for my server, MaxGamer. I struggled to find a banning plugin that wasn't a joke, and the good plugins were all designed for Premium servers anyway. Nothing gave us the tools that SHOULD have been out there - Like temp mutes, temp IP bans, duplicate IP lookups, and good autocompletion!

It is thoroughly tested on an Offline-Mode server, so you can bet it's rock solid and feather light!


  • MySQL
  • SQLite (Flatfile)

Best Features

Here are the top ten features of MaxBans over other banning plugins:

  1. Full UUID support
  2. Ability to view players' previous username(s) - date of change
  3. Full server lockdown - Prevent anyone from joining with a custom message (Such as bot attacks)
  4. Offline player name auto completion
  5. Warnings system
  6. Duplicate IP detection
  7. DNSBL lookups to stop proxys!
  8. Multiline kick messages! No more running off the screen!
  9. Notifications when a banned player tries to join!
  10. All times are relative! (Eg. "You're banned for 4 minutes 6 seconds", not "You're banned til 5:43pm CST")
  11. Customize every colour!
  12. Block commands like /me when muted!


  • /unban <name, IP or UUID>
  • /ban <name, IP or UUID> <reason>
  • /ipban <name, IP or UUID> <reason>
  • /tempban <name, IP or UUID> <number> <minutes|hours|days|weeks|etc> <reason>
  • /tempipban <name, IP or UUID> <number> <minutes|hours|days|weeks|etc> <reason>
  • /mute <name or UUID>
  • /tempmute <name or UUID> <number> <minutes|hours|days|weeks|etc>
  • /kick <name, * for everyone or UUID>
  • /checkip <name or UUID>
  • /uuid
  • /togglechat
  • /dupeip <name, IP or UUID>
  • /checkban <name, IP or UUID>
  • /warn <name or UUID> <reason>
  • /clearwarnings <name or UUID> <reason>
  • /unwarn <name or UUID> - Removes a players most recent warning
  • /unmute <name or UUID>
  • /history [name] [number of records] - Displays a history of bans, kicks, mutes & more dealt
  • /mbreload - Reloads the plugin
  • /mbdebug - Outputs debug information for me if you're having issues!
  • /mbwhitelist <name or UUID> - Allows the given user to bypass IP bans (Not regular bans! Eg, use for players with siblings who need to be IP banned)
  • /ipreport - Basically, a mass /dupeip, on everyone who is online
  • /lockdown [reason]
  • /forcespawn - Teleports someone to the spawn (Twice, so /back won't work)
  • /mbreload - Reloads maxbans
  • /mbimport - Imports vanilla minecraft (And others) bans.
  • /mbexport - Export bans to vanilla, MySQL or SQLite databases. (Allows swapping SQLite <-> MySQL), and others ban plugins.
  • /rangeban <ip1-ip2> [reason] - Bans the IP range from ip1 to ip2 for the supplied reason.
  • /temprangeban <ip1-ip2> <time> <hours/min/sec> [reason] - Temporary variant of above
  • /unrangeban <ip> - Removes any RangeBan which overlaps with the given IP. Eg, if is banned, unbanning will lift the whole ban on

Almost any command may have -s added in it to prevent announcing it, for example:

/tempban NewGuy101 -s 1 hour MaxBans is Awesome!

- Nobody will see the announcement that NewGuy101 was temp banned, just the fact he "has left the game."

If you want an in-depth analysis of each command, try here:

Configuration Guide

This is an in-depth guide on how to configure MaxBans :) If I've missed anything, ask in the comments!

Common Issues

This is a list of common issues people have with MaxBans, such as plugin conflicts.

Features that will never implement

  • Fines (Use your economy to do this!)
  • Jails
  • Regional bans
  • Ban weightings

Ban Listing Webpage

Check out this guy's work for an amazing webpage setup to view MaxBans while using MySQL.

Demo (dont download from here):

Its updated and is working on latest version of MaxBans! 

You can download the updated version from here:

  • Added pagination;
  • Fixed other ban pages not loading;


This plugin uses Hidendra's plugin metrics system ( which tracks server information including:

  • A unique ID
  • Java version
  • Online/Offline mode
  • Plugin & Server version
  • OS name, version, architecture
  • Number of CPU cores
  • Players online
  • Metrics version

These stats can be disabled using the PluginMetrics config file (BukkitServer/plugins/PluginMetrics/config.yml).

GeoIP Lookup

MaxBans will download a GeoIP.csv file, which allows it to look up the country of origin for IP addresses. The file is downloaded directly from maxmind GeopIP site. The file is only downloaded once (Unless it is renamed/removed).

Hello all. I am other dev and now i assuming the Project for bugfixes and possible improvements.
Netherfoam still busy but still online on comunity. I have a lot of time to code (i have a home work) and i can maintain this plugin (and my others) Always updated ;)
See ya o/


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