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Urgent Notice

I have been accused of writing a malicious plugin. Since all of my comments are now being marked as Spam, I'm placing this to show I've been falsely accused.


Kingie07Gaming's comment:


Here's my response:

 False positive detected because Antlr is included as a Hibernate dependency (MaxBans Plus depends on Hibernate). I'm told the next update will disable the false positive. Link



This is a shame and I'm quite frustrated because of it:

  • I have had my plugin scanned for potentially malicious code by a tool someone wrote
  • A very quick check of my source code shows why: Hibernate depends on Antlr, and Antlr trips the malicious code warning
    • Not even an actual positive, just a warning
  • I have had my Spigot plugin removed, without so much as a notification email
  • I have had my Spigot account banned
    • Without any notification
    • Without any process for appeal other than 'email us'
    • On the word of an amateur accusing half the plugin base of being malicious
  • Notifications have been sent to anyone who starred my plugin, accusing the plugin of being malicious. This really bashes my reputability and I highly doubt Spigot will be publishing a notification declaring my innocence when the newest version of MCAntiMalware declares my plugin safe.

This is not fair.


Anyhow: if you don't trust me and want to use the plugin anyway, compile it yourself from GitHub. The source code is all there.


Thanks for understanding.

Furthermore, I'm now being declared to be spamming my own plugin page. Can you imagine?




Welcome to MaxBans Plus. This is a rewrite of the original MaxBans project, which is still available here.


If you've got questions or feel that I've missed anything, feel free to raise an issue through the GitHub Interface. If you're looking for documentation, check out the GitHub Wiki. it might be able to help you with:


Notice: This is not MaxBans, this is MaxBans Plus -- it is a rewrite of the original project. If you want the old project maintained by Fabio12, check it out  here.



Here's a brief overview of the usage of the plugin



The short version of installing the plugin is like so:

  • Download the JAR from here
  • Place the JAR in plugins/
  • Start your server
  • Optional:
    • Stop the server
    • Edit the config files in plugins/MaxBansPlus/


The configuration explanation can be found here.



These are the commands available to anyone with permission. The permission convention is maxbans.COMMAND_NAME. For example, to allow a user to unmute someone, it's maxbans.unmute.


Here's the most common commands you'll be using:

  • /ban [duration] [message]
  • /mute [duration] [message]
  • /ipban <user|address> [duration] [message]
  • /ipmute <user|address> [duration] [message]
  • /warn [message]
  • /unban <user|address>
  • /unmute <user|address>
  • /kick [message]
  • /iplookup
  • /lockdown <ALL|JOIN|NEW|OFF> [message]
  • /history [page] [user]

Note: Arguments inside <> are required, while ones outside [] are optional.



Some examples of the above commands:

  • /ban Merlin 5 hours Wizards are not allowed
  • /mute Harry Silencio!
  • /ipban Circe No witches, either!
  • /warn Witch You look like a witch!



Here's a comprehensive list of permissions:

Permission Description
maxbans.ban Ban and unban commands
maxbans.mute Mute and unmute commands
maxbans.ipban IP ban command
maxbans.ipmute IP mute command
maxbans.warn Warn command
maxbans.kick Kick command
maxbans.iplookup Lookup command
maxbans.broadcast See broadcast messages, eg. User was banned. This is given by default.
maxbans.mod See alerts when players try to join / chat but are denied because they're not allowed to
maxbans.silent See when players use silent maxbans commands.

View recent punishments dealt



MaxBans will notify you when things occur via chat. There are three types of permissions to control this:


Broadcast: maxbans.broadcast is the permission node required to see server-wide messages from MaxBans. For example, if a user was banned, everyone with this permission who is currently online will be told that the user was banned. Broadcasting can be disabled by using the -s (s for silent) flag in your command. This is given to players by default, but can be taken away through permission setup.


Silent: maxbans.silent is the permission node required to see hidden messages whenever a command with -s is run. Moderators usually want this.


Mod: maxbans.mod is the permission to alert moderators when activity occurs on the server. For example, it will notify moderators when a banned player tries to join, or when a muted player tries to chat. This does its best not to spam moderators, and discards similar messages which are generated frequently.


Privacy Notice: This plugin uses bStats to track plugin metrics over here at - The standard information is tracked (geography, mode, version, system specs) as well as activity (bans, mutes, warnings, kicks) and the locale used. This can be disabled by configuring plugins/bStats/config.yml


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