Promote with token

You can create token with a certain usagetime and send them to players, so they can just type it in and get promoted. Your created token are saved in the config.yml:

Use a token:

To use a token, you neet the permission 'MasterPromote.token.use.[Nameoftoken]'. To use a token, type /token [nameoftoken]. If the token exists, the usage will be reduced by 1 and you will promotet to the group you set in the config. If the usage is -1, you can use this token as many times as you want.

    usage: '1'
    group: Admin
    usage: '-1'
    group: Owner

Create a token:

There a two ways of creating a token:

  • You can create a random token by using the command: /createtoken [group] [usage]. This will create a random generated token for the group [group] with the usagetime [usage]. You can rename the token in the config, You need the permission 'MasterPromote.token.create' to create a random token.
  • You can also create token by writing them directly into the token.yml.