Default config files

Default config.yml

configversion: 1.0
#This are the settings for the Application system:
    Enabled: true
    Password: test
    Defaultgroup: default
    Group: Member
    Freeze: false
    Mute: false
    KickWrongPW: true
#This are the settings for the timed promotion:
    Enabled: false 
    Group: Member
    Time: 10
#Here you can set the buyable ranks. Player with the permission '' could buy the rank for 5 coins
- Example,5
#Here can you set a special promote command if you do not want to use the normal one. 
#Set to none if you do not want to use this function
#For example: pex user <player> group add <group>
PromoteSyntax: none

Default messages.yml

messagesversion: 1.0
NoPermissions: '&cYou do not have permissions to do this!'
CreatedSign: '&a[MasterPromote]Successfull created a promotion sign!'
UsedSign: '&a[MasterPromote]Sucsessfull promoted to <group>!'
UsedPW: '&a[MasterPromote]You have been succsesfully promoted to <group>!'
WrongPW: '&cWrong PW!'
Reload: '&a[MasterPromote]reloaded!'
TokenUse: '&aYou have been succsesfully promoted to <group>!'
CreateToken: '&a[MasterPromote]Created token <token> for <group>!'
Join: '&5<player>, &aplease write /apply [Password] to get Permissions to build!'
Mute: '&cYou are not allowed to chat!'
FunctionDisabled: '&cThis function has been disabled by the server administrator!'
BuyRank: '&5Do you really want to buy <group> for <price>?'
CantBuyRank: '&cYou can not buy this rank!'
NoMoney: '&cYou do not have enought money to buy this rank!'
BoughtRank: '&aBought rank <group>!'
Confirm: '&5Type /confirm to continue'
PromotedAfterTime: '&aYou have been promoted to <group>!'