Add option to MultiWorld and PEX | is it possible? #24

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  • _ForgeUser9011361 created this issue Jan 28, 2013

    I apologize in advance for my bad english.

    Hi, I need so much the function of this plugin, the problem is that I would like to determine the different groups in different worlds.

    Let me explain with a command PermissionsEx:
    "/ pex user User Admin group in September [World]"
    in this way put the user "User" founder, only in a particular world.

    you can make a change in config with:

    • Ranks:
      - Founder, 10000000000000000 "world"


    • Ranks:
      - Founder, 10000000000000000
      - Admin, 1000000000
      - ProMember,10000

    I hope we can do :/
    More: PersmissionsEx and Multiverse: 5 worlds and permissions differents.

    Thank you for understanding :)

  • _ForgeUser9011361 added the tags New Enhancment Jan 28, 2013

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