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MasterMined is a Mastermind/Codebreaker game for Minecraft. The objective of the game is to solve the code in the least amount of guesses. This game can have up to two players, one Code Breaker and one Code Maker. The Code Breaker must place blocks with in the turn spots to guess the code. If the code is incorrect a hint will be given showing amount of correctly place blocks and correct colors, signified by White and Red wool. This plays just like normal Mastermind/Codebreaker game. I take no responsibility for an damage this plugin may cause. All feedback and donations are welcome.


  • Singleplayer or Multiplayer games



  2. (If upgrading) Delete old MasterMined folder and MasterMined.jar from plugins directory
  3. Download and place BoardGamesAPI.jar in plugins directory
    • OPTIONAL: Vault required for prizes
  4. Download and place MasterMined.jar in plugins directory
  5. Start Server



  1. Use /mastermined play [boardname]
  2. Place blocks in the codebreaker spots
  3. Use /mastermined hint to get your hints
    • Red Wool: Means a block is correct color and position
    • White Wool: Means a block is correct color but NOT correct position


  1. Use /mastermined play [boardname] [playername] to request a 'playername' and place the player in a queue
    • If the player accepts the game will start automatically
    • If the player rejects use /mastermined request [playername] to send another request
  2. Codemaker sets blocks in the Codemaker area then types /mastermined setcode
  3. Codebreaker plays like in the single player game.
  4. When codebreaker has used up all the spots or correctly guesses the players will switch sides to start again.

Commands & Permissions

  • /mastermined, /mm, /mmined - shows plugin info
  • /mastermined help - show commands
  • /mastermined play [boardname] [playername] - play agains a computer opponent
  • /mastermined accept - accept a request and start a game (op or mastermined.player)
  • /mastermined setcode - used for Code Maker to set the code
  • /mastermined hint - used for Code Breaker to make a guess
  • /mastermined quit - quits the current game
  • /mastermined setboard [boardname] - sets a game board with provided name (op or mastermined.admin)

All commands here

Configure (config.yml)

Configuration Here

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