/massband | /mb

This is the main command to access all features of Massband.


?   example: /massband mode ?

Use the TAB key any time to auto complete your input or get a list of available options to choose. To get information about a command just add this at any time to the end of it.  The following things will than be provided:

  • The name and usage of the command
  • Any ailases and shortforms you can also use
  • A brief description about what the command does
  • The permission node required to use it.


/mb <command>

Replace <command> with one of the commands below



General Commands


/mb help

The current version of Massband installed on this server and a brief description on how to use Massband and what features are offered.


/mb limit

Limits Massband to a basic measuring mode, where you can just place to markers. Adding an additional marker, will remove the second marker and move the first to a new location. This allows to quickly measure multiple distances.


/mb nolimit

This command allows to place an "unlimited" (Not really unlimited) count of markers. Useful to measure a distances with multiple corners.


/mb count <count>

Basically the same as the "limit" command. The only difference is you are able to define yourself how many marks are being placed. Replace <count> with a valid number. "-1" for "unlimited".


/mb mode blocks | vectors 

Switches between the units "blocks" and Meter (m). While "blocks" allows only to measure in straight lines, using Meter can also measure in diagonal lines.


/mb clear

Remove all your placed markers in the current world, so you can start measuring all over again. Especially useful for the "unlimited" mode.


/mb default

Resets the parameters of Massband to your default values defined in the "settings" command.
The following things are being adjusted:

  • The number of markers to be placed
  • The mode to measure in
  • The ignored axis while measuring (See tutorial.)


/mb settings

Lists your personal parameters. Feel free to change them. (The are independent form user to user.)

The following things can be adjusted:

  • Your default markers count
  • Your default mode to measure in
  • What axis to be ignored by default
  • The item/material to interact with Massband
  • If actions like "braking a block" should be prevented while holding the interact item
  • Weather the buttons should be switched. (For left handed people.)
  • The time frame in where two clicks are considered as double click


/mb settings <entry>

Returns all details for the given entry, including a brief description what it's for. Replace <entry> with the name of a vaild entry.


/mb settings <entry> <value>

Allows to change the given entry to the given value. Replace <value> with a valid input.


/mb settings <entry> reset

Resets the given entry to it's default value.



Administrative Commands


To use the following commands, permission is required.


/mb settings (player) <entry> [...]

View and alter the personal parameters of the given player. Replace (player) the name of a player currently on the server.


/mb settings default(player) <entry> [...]

View and alter the default values for the personal parameters of all players.


/mb settings config(player) <entry> [...]

View and alter the values of the Massband configuration file.


/mb purge

Tries to find and delete all markers (Armor Stands) placed by Massband. Useful, if they are left over even tho they shouldn't.


/mb debug true | false 

Enables the debug mode and grants access to the some debug commands.