Massband 3.0.7 Beta


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    Feb 23, 2018
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • 1.12
  • 1.11
  • 1.10


BETA: We are now in beta phase!

Things should be stable now. If there are any issue, please report them :) 

Note: I've improved the content of the config files. To get the "new" comments and such, you have to delete all config files. And then add you changes again. (Tipp: do it via the /mb settings command!)

Use a Stick in Minecraft to use Massband. (Now changeable via command!)


Quick Help:

  • Right click with a stick (changeable in config) on any block to set a marker
  • Right click on a marker to remove it.
  • Use the command /Massband limit and /Massband nolimit to switch between just two and unlimited markers
  • Use the command /Massband count <count> to change the number of marker to be set
  • Left click on any block to toggel between "blocks" and "vectors" measuring mode
  • Left click on the first marker ("#") to switch between the different 2D and 3D coordinate modes
  • Left click on any other marker to switch between the axis on "blocks" measuring mode. (blue is userdefined and gray auto)
  • Double right click on any block (with no marker) to remove all markers (also via command /massband clear)


3.0.7 Beta

* Fixed a Nullpointer bug.

3.0.6 Beta

+ Added a new config entry

* Improved config files

* Improved "settings" command

* Fixed minor issues with commands

3.0.5 Beta

+ Added auto cleanup of leftover markers

+ Added owner tags

+ Added settings command

+ Added debug commands

+ Added Player based config files

+ Added more settings to the config files

* Improved permission system

* Improved config handling

* Improved double click behavior

* Fixed various crashes

3.0.4 Alpha

+ Added multiline support

+ Added area calculation

+ Added "limit" and "nolimit" command

* Improved marker texts

* Improved behavior with mainhand/offhand

* Improved item handling

* Fixed issues with marker locations

* Changed double click delta time to 200ms (see config)

If you find any bugs or have a feature requests, please let me know!