Marriage Reloaded

Marriage reloaded, Your love comes true.
This is a plugin that allows you to marry in minecraft to get acces to special features.
Marriage Reloaded was coded in mc 1.2.5 and v1.0 releases on dec 21 2012
This plugin has multiple commands and it is still growing really fast, it has not been developepd for 4 months and then got picked up again, it is
completely recoded and still misses alot of features


  • Marry in minecraft
  • Set homes for you and your partner
  • Private chat
  • Gift items
  • Teleport to your partner
  • View all married couples
  • Kiss your partner (crouch + right click)
  • Suggestions?



  • /marry - Shows commands, version, authors and info
  • /marry <name> - Marry a player (also tracks the player if you use a part of the name)
  • /marry list - Shows all married players
  • /marry divorce - Divorce with your partner
  • /marry tp - Teleport to your partner
  • /marry gift - Gift the current item in your hand to your partner
  • /marry chat - Private chat with your partner
  • /marry seen - Shows partner's last login
  • /marry chatspy - Spy on private messages (required marry.chatspy)


  • marry.* - Allows all permissions
  • marry.admin - Allows all admin commands (currently only /marry reload)
  • marry.update - Shows update notifications on login
  • marry.chatspy - Allows player to spy on messages
  • marry.default - Allows all command but marry.reload
  • marry.marry - Allows the command /marry <user>
  • marry.home - Allows the command /marry home
  • marry.sethome - Allows the command /marry sethome
  • - Allwos the command /marry tp
  • - Allows the command /marry gift
  • - Allows the command /marry chat
  • marry.seen - Allowed the command /marry seen

By default, Marriage will check for updates from bukkitdev every 3 hours.
This feature can be disabled by setting "updater.enabled" to "false"
Anyone with the permission node marry.update will be notified of updates, and it also able to download them via /marry update.
Which again can be disabled by disabling the update-checker


  • v2.0.20 - Download (1.15 & 1.14 & 1.13 & 1.12 & 1.11 & 1.10 & 1.9 & 1.8)
  • Source Code (GitHub)

Dev builds


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