Maren's Waypoints

Maren's Waypoints

Maren's Waypoints is a portal management system which aims to unify what is normally separate plugins for portals, homes/warps, and spawns under an intuitive self-linking menu not unlike the waypoint system in Diablo 2. Focus is on providing players fun and easy ways to navigate the server's maps without ruining the Minecraft adventuring experience through instant gratification.

Compatible with Bukkit versions 1.7.x and beyond.

Using a waypoint is as simple as walking over any waypoint location (a single block) to open the waypoint directory and clicking on the destination. Server-defined waypoints can link to Spawn, Bed, all server-defined waypoints that a player has access, and the player's home waypoints. Home waypoints can travel between Spawn, Bed, and other home waypoints.

Once clicking on a destination, the player will be frozen in place and cannot pickup/drop items or pass commands. After a few seconds of techno-babble (or whatever you want it to be, as all messages can be edited in the config.yml) the player will be zapped to their destination, and will be free to move once again.

Home Waypoints

Home waypoints are player-defined locations that will show up in the waypoint directory. A player can have up to a configurable limit of home waypoints (three by default); creating any new waypoints beyond this limit will overwrite the oldest entry.

To add a home waypoint, simply right-click with a clock renamed to the desired waypoint name while sneaking. It will be created where the player is standing (and with their facing), consuming the clock in the process.

To change the waypoint's icon in the directory, right-click on the block the waypoint was created over while sneaking. The item in the player's hand will be consumed, becoming the waypoint's new icon. Or if the item is a Written Book, its contents (up to the WP_DESC_MAX_LENGTH, which is configurable in config.yml) will become the waypoint's description in the directory.

Discovery Mode

Discovery mode allows a waypoint to be discovered by players who walk over its location. Discovered waypoints can be accessed without the access permission. This mode is disabled by default. "/wp discover" will cycle through three discovery modes for the selected waypoint:

  • Server-wide will allow discovered waypoints to show up globally
  • World-specific only allows discovered waypoint to show in its own world
  • Disabled disables discovery mode

Waypoint Beacons

Crafting Recipe for Waypoint Beacon

Waypoint Beacons provide remote teleportation functionality. As pictured above, the recipe to create one is a compass at the center of a crafting table surrounded by redstone.

To use, right-click while holding the beacon. Normally, the beacon can only travel between home waypoints, but it can be expanded to include server-defined waypoints with the appropriate permission.

Beacons are consumed upon use, unless the player has the permission "wp.beacon.unlimited". Additionally, players with this permission will always have a Waypoint Beacon in their inventory if BEACON_UNLIMITED_PERMANENT is set to true in config.yml. However, they will no longer be able to drop it; and cannot interact with it in any way when an inventory other than their own is open.

Administrators with the "" permission can also left-click with a beacon to quickly bring up the selection menu.

This item can be disabled from config.yml.


Maren's Waypoints will also handle where your players spawn after they die. This feature can be enabled/disabled by setting "HANDLE_RESPAWNING" to true or false in config.yml. There are four modes available:

  • Home - Players will respawn at their closest waypoint for their current world
  • Bed - Players will respawn at their bed location
  • Spawn - Players will respawn at their current world's spawn
  • City - Players will respawn at the spawn waypoint of the CITY_WORLD_NAME in config.yml

Whenever a location is unavailable (like if the player has no home waypoints in current world or a bed location), the player will respawn at the location below it. The priority is as follows: Home > Bed > Spawn. On the City spawn mode, players will always revive at the specified world's spawn waypoint.

Additionally, if players have the permission node "wp.respawn", they will be able to right-click on their home waypoints with a Waypoint Beacon to set their respawn point. The block under the waypoint must be powered by redstone for the player to be able to set it as the respawn point, or for the player to revive at it. This requires both ENABLE_BEACON and HANDLE_RESPAWNING to be set to true.


/wpTop command which returns plugin commands and a list of player's home waypoints
/wp add <name ...>wp.addCreates waypoint on player's position with specified name
/wp desc <description ...>wp.descSets short lore message for selected waypoint
/wp discoverwp.discoverCycles through available discovery modes
/wp icon <Material>wp.iconSets display icon for selected waypoint to matched material:data
/wp movewp.moveMoves selected waypoint to player's position
/wp reloadwp.reloadReloads config; clears all players' selections
/wp removewp.removeDeletes selected waypoint
/wp rename <name ...>wp.renameRenames selected waypoint to specified name
/wp select (name ...)wp.selectConsole - without arguments, lists server-defined waypoints
Player - without arguments, brings up menu for waypoint selection
Both - selects specified server-defined waypoint
/wp togglewp.toggleEnables/disables selected waypoint
/sethome <name ...>wp.sethomeWhile not intended to be the player's means of creating home waypoints, it can be. The oldest home is automatically erased when the three waypoint limit has been reached
/setspawnwp.setspawnSets the spawn point for the current world

Other Permissions

Grants all plugin permissions
wp.playerAllows players to manage home waypoints through world interaction
wp.instantGrants instant teleportation
wp.respawnAllows players to use Waypoint Beacons to set their respawn point to home waypoints
Grants all commands except reload; allows player to select server-defined waypoints
Grants access to all waypoints
wp.access.<name>Grants access to waypoint specified in <name>.
For access permissions, strip case and color, and replace spaces with underscores.
Ex. A waypoint titled "&6The Nether" would have an access permission of "wp.access.the_nether"
wp.access.bedAllows player to teleport to bed location (one-way trip)
wp.access.spawnAllows player to teleport to current world's spawn from any waypoint. Spawn waypoint is accessible whether or not player has this permission
wp.bypassAllows player to teleport to disabled waypoints
Grants all beacon permissions
wp.beacon.useAllows players to use waypoint beacons
wp.beacon.serverExpands beacon accessible waypoints to include server-defined waypoints
wp.beacon.unlimitedPrevents beacon from being consumed upon use

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