This plugin allows CraftBukkit server administrators to force the server to generate large portions of the world all at once so that it is not necessary for the server to load them as people explore. It was originally designed for use with Dynmap so that you could load a large portion of the world and see it on dynmap, thus allowing you to plan cities, towns, and other large constructions, as well as find the perfect spot for your castle made of spider webs. It should be noted it does not re-generate everything, only previously un-generated areas.

This plugin was originally made for my personal use when making adventure maps, but I have decided to release it.


Current Version Info:

NOTICE: There is something weird with the current version, where it does not generate any surface elements. I will be taking a look at this as soon as I can. NOTICE NOTICE: I fixed this in the latest version (1.3.2) but it caused some potential problems with >200 radius on hyperload, so be careful.

This version has been tested and works reliably at radius 200 with 2 GB memory allocated.


Please be aware this plugin is not very stable and will work better or worse depending on your system specs and the current alignment of the planets. DO NOT tell me about any errors relating to memory problems, I am aware of them.

With my new modifications it is safe for people to be on the server with up to a (tested) radius of 200. However I am not responsible for any lost items or corrupted world, although I am confident that it can do no harm other than crash the server. However, if a chunk is unloaded under a players feet...

In addition, with hyper mode activated players will be automatically kicked to take advantage of available resources.


Copy the jar into your plugins directory, restart your server.

No configs or anything, please look below for permissions.


All commands work from console or in-game

/load <world> <radius> [x-coord] [z-coord]

Aliases: /l

This will attempt to load the world from the point indicated by x and z to your radius's distance from the center (as a square). If you leave out x and z as console it will default to the spawn, if as a player, to your current location. This can take a long time, depending on how big your radius is. You must have the permission "ml.load" to use this, and I currently only have support for Bukkit permissions.

/hyperload <world> <radius> [x-coord] [z-coord]

Same as load, but much faster, and uses much more memory. Recommended for radius < 100.


This will terminate the current running load, which will then have to be restarted to continue. Requires permission "ml.terminate"

Just a little example:

If you put in a radius of 50, you will be loading (50 * 2)^2 chunks, or 10000 chunks. Thus, a radius of 5000 would mean loading 100,000,000 chunks. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, I have programmed in many devices to avoid cataclysmic problems, but they don't always work, and I do not check for stupid admins.



ml.load - To use the command "/load"

ml.terminate - To use the command "/terminate"

TO DO List

  • Change terminate command to /loadterminate
  • Add /loadstatus command
  • Investigate issues with Forge


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