MapEdit is a way to send data to maps. It finds what you set in the config, and adds the effect to all players with permission. One of the major features of this plugin is that it tracks player movement, much like the maps on the Xbox360 version of Minecraft. MapEdit can replace online maps such as DynMap, and won't cause lag.


  • Player-Tracking
  • Full permissions
  • Full configuration
  • Player colors
  • Almost exact in accuracy

Player Tracking

This plugin allows maps to track players. Players that are in the same world can be seen on the map as a cursor similar to your own. Your cursor will be white, and the other cursors will be the default color of the server or the color the player has permission for.

Startup Map

When a new player joins the game, they will be given a map. If they are not new to the server, they will not be given a map.

Default Scale

The scale of all maps on the server can be automatically set, and can even be made smaller.

MapEdit has proven to be a challenge. Many things involved in MapEdit are not written anywhere, therefore, this plugin has taken me a decent amount of time. I have managed to add functionality to something I never thought possible, until I looked into the bukkit documentation. If you believe I have created a masterpiece, please click the donate button at the top of the screen!


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