MaintAnnounce: Put your server in maintenance mode

It's funny cause MaintAnnounce sounds like maintenance when you say it fast

Important Note

I developed MaintAnnounce in the space of about 3 hours for my own personal use, and decided to share it here on BukkitDev. As far as I am concerned, this plugin is complete. I am releasing it to the public "as is" so that anyone may use it. Please be aware that since it is released "as is", MaintAnnounce might not be updated, fixed or expanded upon in future, and I also make no guarantees or warranties about its quality.

HOWEVER! If enough interest is shown I may be persuaded into working on it again :)


MaintAnnounce allows you to place your server into a mode where only specially whitelisted players (usually admins and test users) can join, while other players will be shown a configurable message that explains that the server is down for maintenance. This plugin is ideal for locking out players while a server is being set up for an event, or while new and potentially exploitable server settings are being tested. Or if your main server is down, you could run it on a separate Bukkit instance, so that your users see a helpful message explaining what's up when they try to join your server IP.

MaintAnnounce will send a configurable server-list message to Minecraft clients while it is active, overriding the "motd" setting in The normal message will be restored when maintenance mode is disabled. Maintenance mode can be toggled on or off at any time by an op or an admin with the correct permissions. Optionally, all non-whitelisted players can be kicked automatically when maintenance mode is turned on, or they can be kicked manually with a command (only if maintenance mode is currently enabled). The kick message is the same as the one given when users attempt to connect.

Finally, MaintAnnounce lets you reload its configuration from disk at any time, so you can change the messages displayed to users. The mode is remembered and stored, so if you shut down in maintenance mode, your server will still be in that mode when you restart it.

Java 7 Only!

MaintAnnounce uses some language features that are unavailable in Java 6. It will therefore not run on a Bukkit server that runs on Java 6. Again, note that this plugin was developed for my own use and I personally have no need for Java 6 compatibility.


The default config is listed below, along with a description of what each option does.

# Stores whether the server is currently in maintenance mode or not. 
# Note: Changing this to true and reloading the config will not kick
# users even if "kickOnEnable" is true.
active: true

# Sets the disconnect message shown to users who try to connect.
# Color and format codes (&3 etc) may be used in the message.
# Multiple lines of text may be entered, using the format shown below:
- This server is currently down for maintenance.
- Please try again later.

# Sets the replacement server-list MOTD shown while active.
# Color-codes may be used here as well.
motd: '&4Down for Maintenance'

# Whitelist of player UUIDs to allow onto the server regardless of mode.
# Example format: ['5a33f65b-98d8-45f8-8eaf-09548ee77115', '117802d5-735b-40c3-a846-2fbb26d84ddc']
# Players can also be whitelisted by giving them
# the maintannounce.whitelisted permission node.
whitelist: []

# Players listed in ops.txt can always join when set to true.
allowOps: true

# Sets whether all non-allowed players should be automatically kicked
# as soon as the "/maint enable" command is used.
kickOnEnable: false


Only ops or those with the maintannounce.admin permission may use these commands.

  • /maint: Tells you the version of MaintAnnounce and whether maintenance mode is enabled or not.
  • /maint enable: Enables maintenance mode.
  • /maint disable: Disables maintenance mode.
  • /maint kick: Kicks all users who aren't whitelisted. Only works in maintenance mode.
  • /maint reload: Reloads the MaintAnnounce config file.


  • maintannounce.admin: Allows the use of the /maint command and subcommands.
  • maintannounce.whitelisted: Allows users to join while maintenance mode is active.

Source Code

This plugin is released under the WTFPLv2. Source code is available separately under the "Files" section. I will post the source on Github if there is enough interest.


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