What is Mail?

This plugin was originally based off of the functionality found in Minemail. This plugin is a fully-featured mailing system that allows you to send mail to any player. All data is backed up and stored via MySQL for easy access and for organisation. Almost everything is fully customizable and documentation on this can be found here


  • DeityAPI integration
  • Econ support (If values are configured to 0, this will be disabled)
  • Mail that is close to another sent will be disregarded. Check v12.07.19 change-log
  • MySQL
  • Permissions/SuperPerms support
  • Locally referenced mail id's
  • Mail to offline players
  • Notifications when new mail arrives
  • Language.yml to change the plugin to suit what your server needs


  • DeityAPI
  • MySQL (no flatfile support atm)
  • Permissions (SuperPerms supported)


  • /mail reload: Reloads the config and all mail (requires Mail.admin.reload)
  • /mail convert <old-table-name>: Converts the old mail data to the new format (requires Mail.admin.convert)
  • /mail inbox <read|unread>: Checks your inbox (requires Mail.general.inbox)
  • /mail read [index]: Opens the specified mail (requires
  • /mail [write/create/new] [receiver] [message]: Sends a new mail (requires Mail.general.write)

Set up

  1. Place Mail.jar within your plugins folder
  2. Profit??? Optional: you can change almost every user message and formatting via the language.yml file

Extra Links

Source: GitHub

Documentation: Wiki



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