As of Magic 8.2, MagicWorlds is obsolete.


If you are up to date on Magic, you can move your MagicWorld configs to plugins/Magic/worlds and delete the MagicWorlds plugin.


If you were using MagicWorlds for any of the provided example survival add-ons (such as spawning magic mobs naturally, putting SP in chests or the "other side" world) you can also simply turn on one of the builtin examples. See here for more info:

Keep reading if you still need to use this plugin :)


MagicWorlds was born from Magic's chest populator. It is now a stand-alone plugin with some powerful world modification features that you can use to create customized alternate realities on your own server.



Development builds of this project can be acquired at the provided continuous integration server. These builds have not been approved by the BukkitDev staff. Use them at your own risk.

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Bugs, Features, Issues

Please use our issue tracker for all bug reports, issues, feature requests, etc. It is searchable, so you can see if your problem is already known, or maybe your idea already had :) Comments here are always appreciated, but might get lost. And please don't try to report bugs in-game.


MagicWorlds requires Magic to function.

Magic Plugin


The plugin will not doing anything until you customize it. See here for several example configurations which can be dropped directly into the plugins/MagicWorlds folder, and customized as you like:

Customized Worlds



A MagicWorld can be customized in the following ways:

  • Magic wands, spells, SP and other items added to naturally-spawned chests at random
  • Override entity spawning (replace types)
  • Override normal chunk generation (replace blocks)

Using this plugin for a customized world may cause additional server lag on chunk generation, you've been warned! This will hopefully be resolved by 1.0.


This plugin is *not* meant to be yet another world generator. The idea with the block replacement is a very specific one- to create a "parallel" world for use with the Phase spell. This world would have the same seed as the Overworld, but look very different (though the terrain is still recognizeable).

Commands and Permissions

This plugin currently has only one command, "magicw load", to reload the configuration. The permissions is op-only by default, and the pnode is "Magic.commands.magicw.load".

The Other Side

Example configurations to make "The Other Side" as seen on the elMakers dev server can be found here:


When combined with a few add-ins for Magic:


MagicWorlds will give players a strange, alternate dimension to travel to using the Phase spell. Using the same seed for both the normal and "other" world creates a cool effect when traveling back and forth:

Normal World Other World

Normal World Other World


Full changelog can be viewed on github


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