This project is abandoned and its default file will likely not work with the most recent version of Minecraft. Whether this project is out of date or its author has marked it as abandoned, this project is no longer maintained.

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Do you think, there aren't enough weapons in minecraft? Then this plugin is for you!


  • 5 new weapons
  • You can't get the weapons without a command


Robinhood's Bow

  • You can shoot 9 arrows at the same time.
  • It uses 9 arrows, but you can only recover 1.
  • High spread
  • Good against a team of mobs

Sniper's Bow

  • Zero spread. (Where you aim, where you shoot)
  • High speed (double of the normal).
  • Good against mobs far away.
  • Kills everything in 2 hits.

Master Sword

  • If you have more than half of the max health, it shoots an arrow.
  • The arrow is very weak, 4 hits will kill a pig.
  • Good against a single mob.

Ender Bow

  • Spawns an ender pearl, instead of the arrow.
  • Consumes 1 arrow and 1 ender pearl.
  • Bigger radius, than the ender pearl.
  • You can shoot ender pearls in creative too.

Arachnophobians nightmare

  • Uses 1 arrow and 2 spider eyes, you can only recover 1 spider eye, if the spider drops 1
  • Spawns a spider, instead of an arrow
  • Useless at day time
  • Very effective at night time
  • Good against players


  • /magicweapons - Gives you all the magic weapons


  • magicweapons.magicweapons.mastersword - Allows the user to get the master sword default: op
  • magicweapons.magicweapons.robinhoodsbow- Allows the user to get robinhood's bow default: op
  • magicweapons.magicweapons.snipersbow - Allows the user to get the sniper's bow default: op
  • magicweapons.magicweapons.enderbow- Allows the user to get the ender bow default: op
  • magicweapons.magicweapons.arachnophobia - Allows the user to get the arachnophobians nightmare bow default: op


  1. Download the plugin
  2. Stick it in the "plugins" folder
  3. Start the server
  4. Done!

Still in development

This plugin is still in developement, if you got any ideas of new weapons, or found a bug, please post it below in the comments, or post a ticket. If you want to report an error, please post the error message too.


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