Change Log

Version 2.16

Version 2.15

  • Updated to 1.5.2 (removed 1.4.7 support)
  • Added Arrow spell
  • Added general check-world-pvp-flag option
  • Added spell-on-interrupt option to Ritual spell
  • Added block data support to Wall spell
  • Added cast-random-spell-instead to MultiSpell
  • Various bug fixes

Version 2.14

  • Updated to 1.5.1
  • Added particle effects
  • Added 'duration', 'nameplate-text', and 'use-caster-name' options to SpawnMonsterSpell
  • Added 'block-chat-output' and 'str-blocked-output' options to ExternalCommandSpell
  • Added 'prevent-blocks', 'spell-on-land', and 'apply-spell-power-to-velocity' options to ThrowBlockSpell
  • Added 'apply-spell-power-to-velocity' option to ProjectileSpell
  • Added 'min-range' option to all targeted spells
  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Version 2.13.1

  • Fixed volley spell
  • Changed enable-new-spell-handling default to false (it's not ready to be default yet)

Version 2.13

  • Updated for compatibility with CB 1.4.7-R1.0
  • Added general enable-new-spell-handling option; if it is enabled:
    • This is an experiment, and is still a work in progress
    • Spells are now cycled with sneak+scroll rather than right click
    • New general options are available: cast-with-left-click (default true), cast-with-right-click (default false)
    • New spell options are available: cast-with-left-click and cast-with-right-click

Version 2.12

  • Updated for compatibility with CB 1.4.5-R1.0 and CB 1.4.6-R0.1
  • Scrolls and tomes have been changed yet again, and are not backwards compatible (sorry about that, but some Bukkit changes made it practically required)
  • Added the fireworks spell effect (requires 1.4.6)

Version 2.11

  • Improved config file handling by using multiple config files (to see how this works, rename your current config file to something like config-backup.yml then reload your server)
  • Due to the above change, the 'explodeconfig' feature and 'alt-config' option have been removed
  • Added general enable-tab-completion option
  • Added the ThrowBlock and SpawnMonster spell
  • Added new spell effects: angry, bluesparkle, greensparkle, and wolfsmoke
  • Added predefined-scrolls option to Scroll spell
  • Added delay and send-failure-messages options to Passive spell
  • Added rightclickblocktype, hotbarselect, and hotbardeselect triggers to Passive spell
  • Added ambient option to PotionEffect spell
  • Added add-to-ender-chest option to Conjure spell
  • Added horizontal-spread and vertical-spread options to Projectile spell
  • Added beneficial option to External Command spell
  • Added max-y and max-altitude options to Windwalk spell
  • Added falling option to Materialize spell
  • Added use-as-respawn-location to Mark spell
  • The armor spell can now last through logout+login and/or death+respawn
  • Colored armor and lore tooltip support for item names
  • Added predefined-items option to general config
  • Added durability (of the currently held item) as a spell cost option
  • Added 'enabled' option to no-magic zones
  • Mana ranks can now have individual prefix, color-full, and color-empty settings
  • Added forcecast special command
  • Various bug fixes

Version 2.10

  • Added the Enderchest spell and Waterwalk spell
  • The Ritual spell will no longer be interrupted if participants move (only if the caster moves)
  • The Scroll spell has been updated, however old scrolls will no longer function in this new version
  • The Conjure spell can now conjure tomes and scrolls
  • The Recall spell can now teleport to another player's mark
  • The Dowse spell can now use %d in the str-cast-self option to fill in the distance
  • Added fly-speed option to Windwalk spell
  • Added support for tab completion
  • Spell names are no longer case sensitive
  • Config values for item types now support custom item names in many places (cast-item, cost, conjure, etc)
  • Added config option ignore-cast-item-names (defaults to false)
  • Players in creative mode will no longer be targeted by spells
  • Fixed bug with enchanted item parsing
  • Updated for Minecraft 1.4.2
  • CastModifiers addon updated to version 1.3
  • Shop addon updated to version 1.5

Version 2.9

  • Added new spells: Switch, Pulser, Forcebomb, and Dowse
  • The Tome spell no longer uses BookWorm, but instead uses built-in books from 1.3 (note that any tomes created with BookWorm will no longer function on this version)
  • Added new spell effects: sound and soundpersonal
  • Item names can be used in many more places
  • The Conjure spell now supports enchantments
  • Added cancel-on-take-damage option to Levitate
  • Added no-target option to Volley
  • Added target-caster and target-invisible-players options to AreaEffect
  • Added new Passive triggers: death, respawn, rightclickblock, ticks
  • Added interrupt-on-cast option for any spell with a cast-time
  • All buff spells now have the toggle option

Version 2.8.2 (July 24)

  • Item names can now be used for cast items and reagents
  • Added magicspells.tempgrant.spellname permission node (note this only works for the /cast command, not cast items)
  • Added 'buff' trigger for Passive spell
  • Added support for enchantments on cast items
  • The Gate spell now supports specifying a yaw and pitch
  • Some bug fixes

Version 2.8.1 (July 5)

  • Added 'beneficial' option to PotionEffect, Projectile, and AreaEffect spells
  • The Build spell can now be used with the Projectile spell
  • Added stopsprint, sneak, and stopsneak Passive triggers
  • Passive spell-based triggers (spellcast, spelltarget, spelltargeted) can now specify more than one spell
  • A couple bug fixes

Version 2.8 (June 28)

  • New spells: Passive, Ritual, Lilywalk, ManaRegen, Farm, SpellHaste
  • The channeled spell category has been removed, and is replaced by the Ritual spell
  • The Summon spell is now a targeted spell, and the Sun spell has been renamed to Time and is an instant spell
  • The mana system has been slightly rewritten, and mana groups have been added
  • Buff spells can now be set to be disabled when entering a no-magic zone (see the buff-check-interval general config option)
  • Cooldowns can now use decimal values and now also persist through reloads (added cooldowns-persist-through-reload option)
  • All spells should now support spell effects
  • Added spell icon feature (see spell-icon-slot option in the general config and the spell-icon option in the spell config)
  • Added disallowed-spells (blacklist) option to no-magic zones
  • Added general options ops-ignore-reagents, ops-ignore-cooldowns, ops-ignore-cast-times, enable-error-logging, enable-stat-collection, and always-show-message-on-cycle
  • Added cast-time, interrupt-on-move, interrupt-on-damage, spell-on-interrupt, str-cast-start, and str-interrupted options to all spells, and use-exp-bar-as-cast-time-bar general option
  • Added new permission node magicspells.nocasttime
  • Added always-granted option to all spells
  • Added cancel-on-logout, cancel-on-give-damage, cancel-on-take-damage options to all buff spells
  • Added cancel-on-spell-cast option to Invisibility spell
  • Added temporary-op to ExternalCommand spell
  • Added max-targets option to AreaEffect spell
  • Added instant option to Drainlife spell
  • Added power-affects-quantity, power-affects-chance, calculate-drops-individually, and auto-equip options to Conjure spell
  • Added check-plugins option to Telekinesis spell
  • Added explosion-size option to Fireball spell
  • Added permanent option to Armor spell
  • Added shoot-interval and remove-delay options to Volley spell, and made it work better
  • Added reset-delay option to Materialize spell
  • Added wall-depth, prevent-breaking, and prevent-drops options to Wall spell
  • Added call-target-events option to forcepush and freeze (allows target modifying plugins like MagicSpellsTowny to work better with those spells)
  • Fixed small-fireball option on Fireball spell

Version 2.7 (May 18) [1.2.5-R2.0]

  • New spells: Levitate, Armor, Tree, Silence, AreaEffect
  • New graphical effects: itemspray, hearts, nova
  • Added the incantations option to all spells, which is a list of chat messages that will trigger the spell
  • The Projectile spell can now use any item as a projectile
  • Spells can now be bound to multiple cast items instead of just one at a time
  • Added require-cast-item-on-command option for spells (forces player to be holding the cast item even if using the /cast command)
  • Added Residence support for no-magic zones
  • Added show-mana-on-experience-bar and show-mana-on-hunger-bar options
  • Added add-fire option to the Explode spell
  • Added allowed-pass-thru-blocks to phase spell
  • Added remove-scroll-when-depleted option to scroll spell
  • API changes: Improved the ManaChangeEvent and added SpellSelectionChangedEvent
  • Various bug fixes

Version 2.6 (March 25) [1.2.4-R0.1]

  • Added the option of "exploding" your spell config into multiple small files; to do this, type "cast configexplode" on the console, then open the plugins/MagicSpells/spellconfigs folder
  • Added 'TargetedMultiSpell'
  • Added 'UnbindSpell' (the old way of binding to your empty hand will no longer work)
  • Added general 'allow-cast-with-fist' option, and 'allow-bind-to-fist' option on the bind spell (note: if you enable this option, it is possible that any spells "unbound" using the old method will now be bound to the player's fist; also, cycling spells on the fist only works when right-clicking a block, it will not work when right-clicking in air)
  • The 'windwalk' spell no longer uses creative mode (which means it's actually usable!), it also has new options: launch-speed, cancel-on-teleport, cancel-on-logout
  • Added 'restrict-to-worlds' option to all spells, as well as a general 'str-wrong-world' option and the same option for all spells
  • Added transparent-types option to stonevision to allow for multiple transparent types
  • Added prevent-player-damage option to explode spell
  • Setting target-players to false on lightning and fireball will now completely prevent player damage from those spells
  • Added aoe-radius, target-players, and allow-target-change options to projectile spell
  • Added 'cloud' effect
  • The 'mark' and 'recall' spells can now have copies made (the 'recall' spell now has a mark-spell option, which should specify the internal name of the mark spell it corresponds to) (Important: due to this change, you will need to rename your marks.txt file to marks-mark.txt [or marks-markspellname.txt if you've changed the internal name of your mark spell])
  • The first spell bound to a cast item will be auto-selected if allow-cycle-to-no-spell is false
  • Fixed bug when casting forget from console
  • Fixed bug with WorldGuard based no-magic zones
  • Fixed consume-book option on tome spell to apply when the tome is used, not when it is created
  • Using enderpearls with a projectile spell will no longer cause the caster to teleport to the target location (and probably to their doom)
  • Using eggs with a projectile spell will no longer spawn chickens
  • Various other bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.5 (March 1) [1.1-R6]

  • Added 'prerequisite' and 'replaces' options to all spells
  • Added 'always-activate' option to targeted spells, which makes them always consume reagents and start cooldowns, even if they miss
  • Added 'separate-player-spells-per-world' option
  • Added 'creature-types' option to purge spell
  • Added 'effects' option to spells, which applies to most spells and allows you to customize the graphical effects of spells
  • As a result of the above, the 'show-spell-effect' and similar options have been removed from the following spells: blink, build, gate, heal, shadowstep, and invisibility
  • Added entity-names option for use with messages about targeted spells
  • All targeted spells that target entities now have a str-cast-target message, and %t can be used for str-cast-self and str-cast-others (it will pull creature names from the entity-names option)
  • The stack prevention of the scroll spell should work much better now
  • The magicspells.advanced permission is replaced with magicspells.advanced.*, and there are now these permissions as well: magicspells.advanced.list, magicspells.advanced.forget, magicspells.advanced.scroll
  • Plugin metrics have been added, meaning your server will "report home" every half hour to give useful statistics (if you wish to opt-out of this, you can do so by modifying the file in plugins/PluginMetrics) (this is Hidendra's system, which is also used in other plugins like LWC and Vault)
  • The haste bug has been fixed properly this time (I hope)

Version 2.4.2 (February 24) [1.1-R4-R5]

  • Fixed prevent-block-damage and damage-multiplier options on explode spell

Version 2.4.1 (February 22) [1.1-R4-R5]

  • Fixed error with explode spell
  • Fixed combust doing insane damage
  • Fixed haste spell not removing haste effect
  • Fixed some default config issues
  • Fixed small issue with alt-config
  • Added enable-volatile-features option
  • Added new multi-spell loading method (works like normal spells now)

Version 2.4 (February 20) [1.1-R4-R5]

  • Added new spells: Invisibility, Materialize (example: water), Shadowstep, Projectile (example: explosivearrow)
  • Added ignore-armor option to drainlife, geyser, and pain
  • Added fire-tick-damage and prevent-immunity options to combust
  • Added spellbook-block option for spellbook (will work with enchanting tables)
  • Added experience option to all spells (casting spells will grant experience)
  • Added execute-as-target-instead option to external command spell
  • Added ignore-canceled option to explode spell (it will charge reagents and set cooldown even if the explosion is prevented by another plugin)
  • The permissions magicspells.noreagents, magicspells.nocooldown, and magicspells.notarget will now obey the default-all-perms-false setting
  • Some tweaks to the carpet spell (I hope I didn't break anything)
  • This will be a bit annoying, and I apologize in advance, but it had to be done. Many spells previously marked as "instant" spells are now "targeted" spells instead. You will need to update the spell-class values for these spells. Spells affected: blink, build, combust, cripple, disarm, drainlife, entomb, explode, fireball, forcetoss, geyser, heal, lightning, pain, potion, telekinesis, volley, zap
  • This version will break compatibility with the current version of MobArena (v0.94.3.24), however, it appears bleeding builds of MobArena should work fine

Version 2.3.1 (February 1) [1.1-R1-R3]

  • Fixed bug with binding spells to items with data values
  • Restored old event handling system for compatibility with plugins that used it (but marked it deprecated)

Version 2.3 (January 30) [1.1-R1-R3]

  • Added prevent-block-damage and damage-multiplier options to explode spell
  • Added bindable, bindable-items, and str-cant-bind to every spell
  • Added bindable-items, str-cant-bind-spell, and str-cant-bind-item to the bind spell
  • Added cancel-if-no-targets option to roar spell
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 2.2 (January 25) [1.1-R1]

  • New spells: freeze, roar, and food
  • Fixed mana regen yet again; regen-tick-seconds is now regen-tick-rate and is tick-based (20 ticks per second), and regen-percent is now regen-amount, and is a fixed amount rather than a percentage
  • Added require-known-spell option to help spell
  • Can now repair bows, and added ignore-items and repair-amount options to repair spell
  • Added delay option for multispells
  • Added use-bed-location option for recall spell
  • Added play-fizzle-sound option to most instant spells (plays the fire extinguish sound when a spell fails to find a target)
  • Added consume-book option to tome spell
  • Added portal-animation option to blink spell
  • Added target-non-players option to PotionEffectSpell
  • Windwalk prevents all block interaction now, which should fix most free-item issues with it
  • Added cancel-if-full and show-spell-effect options to heal spell
  • Fireball now uses damage-multiplier option instead of additional-damage
  • Fireball now plays casting sound
  • New fireball options: small-fireball (doesn't work well and fire can't be prevented), no-explosion-effect, no-explosion-damage, no-explosion-damage-range
  • Removed safefall spell (use invulnerability instead, see default config for example)
  • Various other improvements

Version 2.1.3 (January 15) [1.0.1-R1 + 1.1-DEV]

  • Fixed multispells again
  • Added spells-to-hide option to list spell
  • Added unobfuscate option to stonevision for compatibility with ore obfuscator plugins
  • Another attempt at fixing mana regen crash
  • Various minor improvements and bug fixes

Version 2.1.2 (January 9) [1.0.1-R1]

  • Firenova no longer triggers double doors (hopefully)
  • Added burn-tall-grass option to firenova for fun
  • Fixed mana regen not triggering ManaChangeEvent (thanks oceanor)
  • Malformed cost values are now handled more gracefully

Version 2.1.1 (January 6) [1.0.1-R1]

  • Multispells have reagent costs and cooldowns again

Version 2.1 (December 28) [1.0.1-R1]

  • Added PotionEffectSpell (examples: blind, haze, poison)
  • Added PermissionSpell
  • Various bug fixes

Version 2.0 (December 21) [1.0.1-R1]

  • Added experience and levels as reagent options
  • Added cast-time option to gate and recall spells
  • Added magicspells.notarget permission node
  • Changed drainlife to be more generic: removed 'damage' and 'heal' options, which are replaced with 'take-type', 'take-amt', 'give-type', and 'give-amt'
  • Possibly fixed issue with mana regen stopping randomly
  • New spell loading system
  • Various improvements and bug fixes

Version 1.3 (October 24) [1337]

  • New spells: reach, conjure, windwalk, phase
  • New config options for zap spell: allowed-block-types, check-plugins, drop-block, drop-normal
  • Added pass-through-ceiling option for blink
  • No-magic-zone config changed a lot, new features added
  • Can now use data-values for cast items
  • Added ignore-cast-item-durability to still allow tools and stuff to be used as cast items without problem
  • Added global-cooldown option, as well as ignore-global-cooldown for spells
  • The magicspells.silent permission only silences broadcast messages now
  • Added ManaChangeEvent
  • Many bug fixes

Version 1.2 (October 3) [1240]

  • New spells: cripple, haste, and empower (for real this time)
  • Added hunger as a spell cost (works similar to mana and health)
  • The list spell is now castable from the console
  • The forget spell now has an option to be castable on self (without a player target)
  • Along with the above, casting forget on another player now requires the magicspells.advanced permission node
  • Added SpellLearnEvent
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.1 (September 16) [1060, 1185]

  • New spells: disarm, empower, forcetoss, mana, reflect, repair, walkway
  • The mark and recall spells are now instant spells, so they can be bound to a wand
  • Added shared-cooldown option for all spells
  • Removed legacy Permissions support (please use PermissionsBukkit, PermissionsEx, or bPermissions)
  • Added new permission nodes: magicspells.noreagents, magicspells.nocooldown, magicspells.silent
  • Removed config options: cast-for-free and cast-no-cooldown in favor of above permission nodes
  • Added multi-world support for no-magic zones
  • External spells greatly improved:
    • Command options now use the list format (with commands on different lines prefixed by dashes) rather than being separated with double bars
    • Added delayed command feature to external spell (command-to-delay and command-delay options)
    • Added targeting option for external spell (require-player-target, obey-los, range options)
    • Can now use %t and %a in commands to fill in the target player and the acting (casting) player
    • Can now add a temporary permission node
  • Some refactoring, any custom coded spells will need to be updated (sorry about that)
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.4 (August 22) [1060]

  • Added additional-damage option to lightning
  • The forcepush spell will now work with just a vertical velocity (I think)
  • Fixed a bug

Version 1.0.3 (August 22) [1060]

  • Added ability to cycle backwards through spells with shift-right-click
  • Added geyser-type option to geyser (options are water or lava)
  • Added multi-spell functionality
  • Renamed 'windwalk' to 'carpet' and fixed it
  • Added spell events for other plugins to hook in to
  • Various bug fixes and improvements

Version 1.0.2 (August 8) [1000]

  • Added alt-config option (see configuration section for more info)
  • Added permission node "magicspells.advanced" for advanced spell features (see permission section for more info)
  • Added require-teach-perm option to scroll and tome
  • Added require-scroll-cast-perm-on-use option (a person must have spells.scroll.cast to be able to use a scroll)
  • Added allow-cycle-to-no-spell option
  • Changed return type of castSpell() from boolean to enum
  • Various bug fixes

Version 1.0.1 (July 26) [1000]

  • Added max-uses option to scroll and tome spells
  • Added charge-reagents-for-spell-per-charge option to scroll, if this is true, the reagent cost for all scroll uses will be charged when the scroll is created
  • Added "base" scrolls
  • Added cast-delay option to channeled spells
  • Fixed scroll loading
  • Various bug fixes

Version 1.0 (July 22) [1000]

  • New "channeled" spell type, with new spells: sun and summon
  • More new spells: scroll, confusion, drainlife, geyser, and pain
  • The tome spell can now have a number of uses defined
  • Changed the freecast-no-cooldown option to a player list called cast-no-cooldown
  • Implemented the new Bukkit permission system ('classic' Permissions is still supported for now)
  • Changed "base" commands used by the plugin to allow easier aliasing and compatibility with other magic plugins
  • More windwalk adjustments
  • Added reload option to spellbook spell
  • Added ability to load external spell class files
  • Various bug fixes

Version 0.8 (July 12) [953]

  • New spells: leap and tome (tome requires BookWorm)
  • External spells now support multiple commands separated by a vertical bar (|)
  • Added mana potion functionality
  • Windwalk works better (still not perfect)
  • Added no-magic zones
  • Mana regen now uses its own thread instead of the scheduler
  • You can now unbind spells by binding to an empty hand
  • Added require-entity-target and related options to the fireball spell

Version 0.7.3 (June 27) [935]

  • Added reload-granted-spells option to the list spell; if this is true, the plugin will check the player's Permissions for any new granted spells
  • Some improvements with player spell list handling to hopefully maybe fix a problem

Version 0.7.2 (June 25) [928]

  • Blocks in the windwalk platform will no longer drop when broken
  • Removed the use-health-bars option (it never did anything anyway)
  • Fixed PvP check with fireball
  • Fixed gate spell not working with most coordinates
  • Other minor bug fixes

Version 0.7.1 (June 24) [928]

  • Fixed bug with cancel-on-teleport option for windwalk
  • The build spell will now work correctly with blocks that have block data
  • Removed some left over debug console spam

Version 0.7 (June 23) [928]

  • Added new spells: minion, stealth, gate, build
  • Added external plugin spell
  • Added glass head effect for gills
  • Added animation to zap
  • Added cancel-on-teleport and cancel-on-logout options for windwalk
  • Added ability to reload a player's spellbook with /cast reload <player>
  • Added mana system
  • Spells can now cost health
  • Fixed various bugs

Version 0.6.2 [860]

  • Added an additional-damage option to fireball.
  • Many bug fixes:
  • Fixed PVP issues with firenova.
  • Added missing "fade" messages to several spells.
  • Fixed spell durations.
  • Lightwalk will not cast if the player doesn't have the reagents.

Version 0.6.1 [860]

  • The telekinesis spell is fixed.
  • Added multi-line and color support for config strings. Use &0 through &f in a string to add colors.
  • Added smoke trail effect to blink.
  • Changed the way targeting works. The precision option is no longer used, but a new option, obey-los, has been added (determines whether the plugin should obey line-of-sight rules).
  • Many bug fixes.

Version 0.6 [860]

  • New spells: firenova, lightwalk, and stonevision!
  • Added check-plugins as an option to multiple spells, in an attempt to have spells play nice with other plugins (PvP in particular).
  • Various bug fixes.

Version 0.5

  • New spells: bind, fireball, flamewalk, invulnerability, lifewalk, purge.
  • The bind spell allows players to add custom item bindings.
  • The teach and forget spells can now be cast from the console.
  • Fixed gills giving complete damage immunity.
  • Fixed not being able to rename the entomb spell.
  • Added permissions for teaching and casting.
  • Added max-vertical-force option to forcepush.

Version 0.4.1

  • Added option to remove cooldowns for those who can cast for free.
  • A wand item with just one spell will have that spell auto-assigned now.
  • Added spell names to config file to avoid confusion.
  • Various bug fixes.

Version 0.4

  • Added forget spell.
  • Added wall spell.
  • Added volley spell.
  • Added telekinesis spell.
  • Various bug fixes.

Version 0.3

  • Added frostwalk spell.
  • Added windwalk spell.
  • Added heal spell.
  • Numerous bug fixes.
  • Added missing config file options.

Version 0.2

  • Added spellbook spell.
  • Added Permissions support.
  • Fixed a potential issue with multi-world mark and recall.
  • Fixed the default config file.

Version 0.1

  • First release.