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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.9-R0.1



  • Added a Variables system
  • Added new general option: check-scoreboard-teams
  • Added new spells:
    • Capture Spell - Turn a target mob into an egg
    • Clarity Spell - Reduces the reagent cost of spells
    • Grip Spell - Teleport a target to your position
    • Menu Spell - Opens a GUI menu using the inventory interface
    • Paste Spell - Pastes a WorldEdit schematic
    • Replace Spell - Replaces blocks with other blocks
    • Resist Spell - Gives spell damage resistance, works with Pain Spell
    • Switch Health Spell - Switch health percentage with your target
    • Teleport Spell - Teleport to a target
    • Wither Skull Spell - Fires a wither skull projectile
  • Added the helper-spell option to all spells (used to indicate that a spell is just a “helper” spell used in other spells, and does not stand on its own)
  • Added the spell-power-affects-range option for all spells
  • Added the beneficial option to all spells (generally defaults to false, but defaults to true for certain spells like the Heal Spell)
  • Added the target-damage-cause and target-damage-amount options to all spells
  • Added check-individual-modifiers option to Multi Spell and Targeted Multi Spell
  • Added stop-on-fail option to Targeted Multi Spell
  • Added hit-air-after-duration, projectile-vert-offset, and projectile-horiz-offset options to Particle Projectile Spell
  • Added the spell-damage-type option to Pain Spell, Drainlife Spell, and Freeze Spell
  • Added the spells option to Empower Spell
  • Added the y-offset option to Forcebomb Spell
  • Added the fire option to Volley Spell
  • The Summon Spell now works with meta spells (spells that call other spells)
  • Added new conditions for Modifiers
    • uptime
    • alivelessthan
    • alivemorethan
    • lastlifeshorterthan
    • lastlifelongerthan
    • onteam
    • onsameteam
    • elevationabove
    • elevationbelow
  • Added the cast and castinstead Modifiers
  • Target Modifiers can now modify spell power
  • Mana system changes:
    • Added default-starting-mana option and starting-mana option for ranks
    • Added updatemanarank special command
  • Updated to save files by UUID

* Do NOT use this version on CraftBukkit versions earlier than 1.7.6.
* This version changes how files are saved. I highly recommend you make backups of your entire MagicSpells folder before upgrading.