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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.6.4-R1.0
  • CB 1.5.2-R1.0


MagicSpells v3.0-b6

  • Added show-individual-messages to TargetedMultiSpell and MultiSpell
  • Added general option enable-logging
  • Added cancel-on-spell-cast to buff spells
  • Various bug fixes

MagicSpells v3.0-b5

  • Added new Magic XP system
  • Extensive rewrite of the passive spell (needs testing)
  • Passive triggers that specify items should now be able to specify item names
  • New passive triggers: death, join, quit, teleport, fly, stopfly, dropitem, pickupitem, fish
  • Added lastdamagetype and sprinting conditions
  • Added precludes option for all spells (if you know a spell, you will not be able to learn any spells in its precludes list)
  • Negative values can now be used for most special cost types (health, hunger, money, etc)

MagicSpells v3.0-b4

  • Added general dance-cast-duration option
  • Added dragondeath spell effect
  • Update for 1.6.4 compatibility
  • Bug fixes

MagicSpells v3.0-b3

  • Added options to Disguise spell: undisguise-on-cast, undisguise-on-give-damage, undisguise-on-take-damage
  • Added Undisguise spell
  • Various bug fixes

MagicSpells v3.0-b2

  • Added DisguiseSpell (no longer requires external Jar file)
  • The SpawnMonster spell can now define potion effects
  • Added spell-on-break option to Pulser spell
  • The modifier conditions hasitem, wearing, and holding now support item names
  • Added pitchabove and pitchbelow conditions
  • Various bug fixes

MagicSpells v3.0-b1

  • Added new spells:
  • Targeting system reworked
    • Removed target-players and target-non-players options from almost all spells
    • Added a new can-target option to all spells, which is a comma-separated list of valid targets
    • Options for can-target: self (the casting player), players, invisibles (vanished players), nonplayers, monsters, animals; plus all entity types (zombies, skeletons, etc)
    • Example usage: can-target: "players,zombies,skeletons,creepers"
  • Improvements for PredefinedItems
    • Much prettier and more readable configuration layout
    • Can now specify predefined-items in individual spell config files
  • Improvements for SpellEffects
    • Much prettier and more readable configuration layout
    • The 'line' and/or 'trail' position now works with all spell effects
    • Added 'buff' effect position, which makes an effect continue to play while a buff is active
    • Added 'orbit' effect position, which is similar to 'buff' but has the effect orbit the player
  • Many spells can now be cast from the console
    • A spell that targets an entity can be cast at a player using "cast spellname playername", for example: "cast pain nisovin"
    • A spell that targets a location can be cast using "cast spellname world,x,y,z", for example: "cast lightning world,-150,84,345"
    • Many external spells can also be cast from console now
  • Some spells can now be cast by command blocks
    • Generally only works with spells that target a location, such as AreaEffectSpell and PulserSpell
    • The ExternalCommandSpell and MultiSpell also work
    • Can specify a coordinate offset, in the format: "cast spellname x y z" (these are offset coordinates, not exact coordinates)
    • Example: to cast the spell 3 blocks above the commandblock: "cast spellname 0 3 0"
  • Added 'money' as a spell cost option, requires Vault to be enabled to work
  • Added dance casting
    • New general options: enable-dance-casting, dance-cast-item, str-dance-start, str-dance-complete, str-dance-fail
    • New spell option: dance-cast-sequence
    • A dance cast sequence can consist of the following moves: left click (C), sneak (S), unsneak (U), double space jump (J), move forward (F), move backward (B), move left (L), move right(R)
    • An example dance-cast-sequence: "CSCUC"
    • Note that you cannot have two movement moves in a row, for example, the sequence "CLRLR" will not work, but "CLCRC" would work
    • To begin a dance cast, first right click with the dance-cast-item, then perform the moves, then right click again with the item to cast
  • Added general options: ignore-grant-perms and ignore-cast-perms (both default to false)
  • Added consume-cast-item option to all spells
  • Added power-affects-duration option to all buff spells
  • Changes to existing spells:
  • The MagicSpellsCastModifiers addon plugin has been integrated into the main plugin (and is therefore no longer needed)
    • Added target-modifiers option, which allows you to specify modifiers for the target of a targeted spell
    • Added new conditions:
      • blocking
      • distancelessthan <distance> (targeted only)
      • distancemorethan <distance> (targeted only)
      • entitytype <type> (targeted only)
      • onfire
      • playeronline <player>
      • potioneffect <type>
      • riding [entitytype]
      • roof <height>
      • sneaking


Note that this is a beta release, not an official release. There are many, many changes in this version, and probably plenty of bugs. Please submit bug reports in the ticket system.