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    Dec 18, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.4.5-R0.2


  • Improved config file handling by using multiple config files (to see how this works, rename your current config file to something like config-backup.yml then reload your server)
  • Due to the above change, the 'explodeconfig' feature and 'alt-config' option have been removed
  • Added general enable-tab-completion option
  • Added the ThrowBlock and SpawnMonster spell
  • Added new spell effects: angry, bluesparkle, greensparkle, and wolfsmoke
  • Added predefined-scrolls option to Scroll spell
  • Added delay and send-failure-messages options to Passive spell
  • Added rightclickblocktype, hotbarselect, and hotbardeselect triggers to Passive spell
  • Added ambient option to PotionEffect spell
  • Added add-to-ender-chest option to Conjure spell
  • Added horizontal-spread and vertical-spread options to Projectile spell
  • Added beneficial option to External Command spell
  • Added max-y and max-altitude options to Windwalk spell
  • Added falling option to Materialize spell
  • Added use-as-respawn-location to Mark spell
  • The armor spell can now last through logout+login and/or death+respawn
  • Colored armor and lore tooltip support for item names
  • Added predefined-items option to general config
  • Added durability (of the currently held item) as a spell cost option
  • Added 'enabled' option to no-magic zones
  • Mana ranks can now have individual prefix, color-full, and color-empty settings
  • Added forcecast special command
  • Various bug fixes

This version will not work properly with CraftBukkit builds 2512+. If you want to update to those builds, you will need to set the enable-volatile-features option to false. Doing so will disable the broken "volatile" features. You can find more information [[http://nisovin.com/magicspells/volatilefeatures|on the volatile features page]].

Version 2.12 should be released quickly, and will be properly compatible with those new builds.