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    Jun 28, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.2.5-R4.0


  • New spells: Passive, Ritual, Lilywalk, ManaRegen, Farm, SpellHaste
  • The channeled spell category has been removed, and is replaced by the Ritual spell
  • The Summon spell is now a targeted spell, and the Sun spell has been renamed to Time and is an instant spell
  • The mana system has been slightly rewritten, and mana groups have been added
  • Buff spells can now be set to be disabled when entering a no-magic zone (see the buff-check-interval general config option)
  • Cooldowns can now use decimal values and now also persist through reloads (added cooldowns-persist-through-reload option)
  • All spells should now support spell effects
  • Added spell icon feature (see spell-icon-slot option in the general config and the spell-icon option in the spell config)
  • Added disallowed-spells (blacklist) option to no-magic zones
  • Added general options ops-ignore-reagents, ops-ignore-cooldowns, ops-ignore-cast-times, enable-error-logging, enable-stat-collection, and always-show-message-on-cycle
  • Added cast-time, interrupt-on-move, interrupt-on-damage, spell-on-interrupt, str-cast-start, and str-interrupted options to all spells, and use-exp-bar-as-cast-time-bar general option
  • Added new permission node magicspells.nocasttime
  • Added always-granted option to all spells
  • Added cancel-on-logout, cancel-on-give-damage, cancel-on-take-damage options to all buff spells
  • Added cancel-on-spell-cast option to Invisibility spell
  • Added temporary-op to ExternalCommand spell
  • Added max-targets option to AreaEffect spell
  • Added instant option to Drainlife spell
  • Added power-affects-quantity, power-affects-chance, calculate-drops-individually, and auto-equip options to Conjure spell
  • Added check-plugins option to Telekinesis spell
  • Added explosion-size option to Fireball spell
  • Added permanent option to Armor spell
  • Added shoot-interval and remove-delay options to Volley spell, and made it work better
  • Added reset-delay option to Materialize spell
  • Added wall-depth, prevent-breaking, and prevent-drops options to Wall spell
  • Added call-target-events option to forcepush and freeze (allows target modifying plugins like MagicSpellsTowny to work better with those spells)
  • Fixed small-fireball option on Fireball spell
  • Updated MagicSpellsCastModifiers to v1.1
  • Updated MagicSpellsTowny to v1.2