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    Jan 25, 2012
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.1-R1


  • New spells: freeze, roar, and food
  • Fixed mana regen yet again; regen-tick-seconds is now regen-tick-rate and is tick-based (20 ticks per second), and regen-percent is now regen-amount, and is a fixed amount rather than a percentage
  • Added require-known-spell option to help spell
  • Can now repair bows, and added ignore-items and repair-amount options to repair spell
  • Added delay option for multispells
  • Added use-bed-location option for recall spell
  • Added play-fizzle-sound option to most instant spells (plays the fire extinguish sound when a spell fails to find a target)
  • Added consume-book option to tome spell
  • Added portal-animation option to blink spell
  • Windwalk prevents all block interaction now, which should fix most free-item issues with it
  • Added cancel-if-full and show-spell-effect options to heal spell
  • Fireball now uses damage-multiplier option instead of additional-damage
  • Fireball now plays casting sound
  • New fireball options: small-fireball (doesn't work well and fire can't be prevented), no-explosion-effect, no-explosion-damage, no-explosion-damage-range
  • Various other improvements