Magick is a plugin providing spells to Bukkit through staffs, wands, and gems. Spells cost Magick Powder or XP.


  • Everything is configurable.
  • Permissions for every spell and command
  • Lots of spells to choose from, each with up to 3 different forms
  • Magick Powder and XP to inhibit OP (Over-Powered) players


/magick [power] - Provides information about the current version, such as spells. Include 'power' to see user specific information. '/magick' will give you a full list of spells.

/wand <spell> [player] - Gives [player] a wand set to 'spell'. If [player] is unspecified, the default is the command sender.

/staff <spell> [player] - Same as above, but gives staffs.

/gem <spell> [player] - Same as above, but gives gems.


magick.spell.* - Ability to cast each spell.

magick.command.* - Ability to use all above commands.

magick.spell.[spell] - [spell] is one of the spells listed in /magick in the form of "<SpellName>Spell". Example: "magick.spell.ZapSpell". Yields permission to cast that specific spell.

magick.command.[cmd] - [cmd] is one of magick, wand, staff, or gem. Permission to use that command.


Simply download the latest '.jar' file, and copy it to your 'plugins' directory inside the server root. Start your server afterwards.


Wand - a specially named stick. Casts a spell on the entity in caster's line of sight.

Staff - a specially named wooden hoe. Casts a spell affecting an area.

Gem - a specially named emerald. Casts a spell affecting the caster.

Magick Powder - a specially named sugar that is used to cast a spell. May be substituted for xp.

Current Spells

Note: These are the names you type into the commands. Append "Spell" (without quotes or spaces, case sensitive) to these to get the permission for magick.spell.[spell].

Upon request of Oct0ber, has been moved to Spells

Using /magick will give the descriptions, as well as the spell types. G, S, or W in the descriptions defines the spell's modes
G - Gem
S - Staff
W - Wand.

I'm a Developer? Can I see the source code?

Yes! Feel free to!
This is licensed under the GNU GPL v2.0.
The source can be found at Github.


Put them in the comments, I really enjoy feedback!


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