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    Jan 22, 2014
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Supported Bukkit Versions

  • CB 1.7.2-R0.2


  • BREAKING CHANGE: The WorldGuard hacks that allowed a carpet based flag have been removed. To use this functionality you will need to use /rg flag <region-name> blocked-cmds /mc /magiccarpet. This means from now on flags will be saved! Before they would also be saved but if anything went wrong they could of disappeared. If you used this before and your regions actually still have the Carpet flag then you'll need to update those regions to use this method instead.
  • Fixed a dupe issue with pistons.
  • Fixed some possible permission issues.
  • Fixed the breaking of double plants.
  • Fixed players falling to there death when deactivating the carpet high in the air.
  • Added 'pvp-hide' into the config which causes the carpet to hide upon PVP/PVE.
  • Added a message for when PVP/PVE gets denied. To let players know why there carpet suddenly disappeared.

View GitHub for more information.