MagicBookshelf by Tim Clancy - 1.2.5 Compatible

Magical Bookshelves!

Release of Source Code:

As of 2.11.14, Tim has released all code free for use here: The code you will find there is the plugin in its most current state. Enjoy, and feel free to reproduce in any manner you'd like, just so long as credit is always given for any code used. It would also be very kind of you to link to this page as well.


This plugin seeks to improve upon the vanilla Minecraft enchanting system.

The Minecraft system takes a very long time to get to higher levels of experience, and resets you to a much lower level upon dying. This encourages many players to make mob grinders to try and earn experience, which is not fun for anyone. The way MagicBookshelf tries to fix this is by allowing players to quickly and simply store their experience points inside of bookshelves, to be withdrawn later. By allowing users to slowly build up their levels over time, it is possible to get to that 30th level without sitting at a mob grinder all day.


Right-click a bookshelf to store your experience inside it. Left-click a bookshelf to take the experience out of it.
Add a sign with [XP_Private] on the first line, followed by up to three usernames, to lock a bookshelf for certain users. Only these users will be able to break, withdraw from, or deposit to that bookshelf.
Permissions supported:

  • magicbookshelf.lock gives users the ability to lock their shelves.
  • magicbookshelf.break gives users the ability to break ANY shelves.
  • gives users the ability to store xp in shelves.
  • magicbookshelf.withdraw gives users the ability to withdraw xp from shelves.
    It's that easy! Video of use:

    If you are Polish, adeknijak made this neat video:

    If you are Czech, LPmareonCZ made this neat video:


There isn't any way to configure settings right now. Just be certain that the MagicBookshelf folder (and its included shelves.txt file within) make it into the plugin folder. There are both Java 7 and Java 6 versions, choose Java 6 if you aren't sure.

To do

  • Add configurable settings.
  • Add permissions support.
  • Add an effect to bookshelves that have experience in them.


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